Mod Spotlight:Download Links “One does not simply walk into the mountains and mine iron ore with a wooden pickaxe.” The Minecraft Is Too Easy (MITE) mod was created to emphasize and enhance the survival aspect of the game. It accomplishes this by increasing the difficulty of survival mode and introducing new content and game mechanics.

Minecraft Is Too Easy Mod

One will not simply head into the mountains and mine iron ore with a wood pickaxe.

The Minecraft Is As well Easy (MITE) mod was made to emphasize and improve the survival factor of the overall game. It accomplishes this by improving the issue of survival setting and presenting new content and video game mechanics. MITE is really a extensive mod that alters approximately 500 of the video games class data files and adds many fresh ones.

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New Metals

  • Copper is just about the first metal you'll mine, smelt and create tools with
  • Silver offers bonuses vs undead, plus some creatures can only end up being harmed by silver or enchanted weapons
  • Mithril will be incredibly long lasting and the smelting of its ore will tag your entry in to the Mythic Age
  • Adamantium may be the most durable of most metals, is only bought at the deepest depths and demands the latest furnaces to smelt

Anvils Reworked

  • You can find six forms of anvils right now, one for every metal
  • Anvils can only just repair metal-based products
  • Anvils can only just repair items which are of equivalent or lesser hardness compared to the materials they are manufactured from
  • Anvils no more consume experience amounts and may be utilized an unlimited amount of times
  • The opportunity to combine enchanted equipment to stack their enchantment bonus deals has been taken out
  • Anvils need metal nuggets rather than ingots (1 ingot = 9 nuggets)
  • The amount of nuggets necessary to repair something is equivalent to the amount of ingots it had been made with

New Furnaces & Heat Ranges

  • Four new forms of furnaces have already been added
  • Clay ovens could be constructed with bare hands and so are ideal for cooking but are usually too small to burn off blocks
  • Sandstone ovens may be used for cooking and creating charcoal
  • Obsidian furnaces may use lava as gasoline and burn hot plenty of to smelt mithril
  • Netherrack furnaces can easily withstand the intense temperature of blaze rods
  • Furnaces will have a heat degree, based on the type of gas they're burning
  • Wooden and charcoal burn sizzling enough for cooking food
  • Coal burns hot good enough for the smelting of copper, silver, gold and iron
  • Lava will be hot more than enough to smelt mithril ore
  • Blaze rods will be the only heat source popular sufficiently to smelt adamantite
  • A sizzle audio has been additional for cooking meats

New Equipment, Weapons & Armor

  • Cudgels, clubs, flint axes and flint knives is going to be the initial weapons you create
  • Daggers are simpler to create than swords but possess less get to, cannot parry and perform less damage
  • Fight axes combine the efficiency of swords and hands axes
  • Battle hammers are extra long lasting weapons which you can use for mining
  • Mattocks tend to be more long lasting than hoes and will also be utilized for digging
  • The brand new hybrid equipment arent as effective as their specialised counterparts
  • Nowadays there are 7 forms of arrows in the overall game (flint, copper, silver, gold, iron, mithril, adamantium)
  • The opportunity to create chain mail armor provides been added

New Enchantments

  • A stun enchantment has been additional for battle hammers
  • A lot of money enchantment has been additional for angling rods
  • A regeneration enchantment has been additional for torso armors
  • A rate and free activity enchantment has been additional for boots
  • A fertility enchantment has been additional for hoes and mattocks
  • A tree felling enchantment has already been additional for axes and fight axes
  • A vampiric (life-stealing) enchantment has already been additional for swords, daggers and scythes

More Meals

  • Cheese is now able to be produced from milk
  • Cocoa and sugar could be combined to create chocolate
  • Dandelions could be gathered right into a bowl to produce a salad
  • Dough is manufactured by blending flour and water, it could be baked into loaf of bread
  • Three brand-new soups and stews have already been added: poultry, beef, and veggie
  • Combine a plate of milk with chocolate and a snowball to create ice cream

New Mobs

  • Ghouls are quicker than zombies and result in temporary paralysis
  • Wights are usually immune to mundane weapons and may drain experience ranges
  • Invisible stalkers are (almost) invisible
  • Demon spiders possess deadly venom that triggers paralysis and poisoning
  • Hellhounds breath fire and will set their sufferers ablaze
  • Dire wolves roam the snowy forests and could assault if approached
  • Infernal creepers explode with greater push than their weaker cousins
  • Wooden spiders infest forested places and are hostile throughout the day
  • Shadows lurk in the darkest depths and can look for and destroy resources of light
  • Fire elementals are damage-proof beings that may emerge from strong pools of lava

Enhanced Pets

  • Livestock such as for example chickens, pigs, sheep and cows now require foods, water, sunshine and a qualification of freedom or they'll develop sickly and unproductive
  • Overcrowding may also cause these pets to turn out to be unwell
  • Animals can handle finding sources of water and food by themselves
  • Animals can pick up and eat food items within their vicinity
  • Animals today flee from predators in a far more sensible manner
  • Creatures will attempt to move from fire and discover shelter in inclement weather

Enhanced Farming

  • A fresh crop (onions) has already been added
  • Crop increasing rates are influenced by local temp and humidity
  • Crops have the opportunity to become blighted, which ruins their yield
  • Blight spreads among neighboring crops of exactly the same kind
  • Distant crops continue steadily to develop as if a new player was nearby
  • Livestock creatures periodically fall manure which may be utilized as a soil ammendment

Beds Transformed

  • Healing price is doubled during bed
  • Beds could be napped in throughout the day for convenience
  • Beds can't be slept in outside unless they have a respectable amount of sheltering
  • Mobs can sneak through to you while your personality sleeps so be cautious to secure the region first
  • Your character types metabolism continues during sleep and they'll wake before dawn should they become too starving

Terrain Era Tweaks

  • Grime is less regularly encountered at lower depths
  • Iron ore veins become bigger and more regular at lower depths
  • Lava flows and lakes appear at first glance less often
  • Deep locations now contain much more lava


  • Logs, stone along with other hard blocks can't be harvested together with your bare hands
  • Crafting right now takes some time befitting the recipe used
  • Participant digging speed and strike damage increase somewhat with each degree gained
  • Item stack size limits have already been modified, reduced oftentimes
  • Items which are dropped by gamers now persist for a lot longer before disappearing (a complete day)
  • Your personality now includes a basal metabolism and can slowly consume meals even when doing nothing at all
  • Performing strenuous tasks such as for example digging grime or chopping wooden consumes foods on a per-hit schedule
  • Contact with rain increases hunger price
  • You cant drink or eat while underwater, if you don't have water-breathing capability
  • Mushroom islands have already been removed
  • A zoom function has been additional (z key)
  • A operate toggle has been additional (tab essential)
  • Skeletons possess less wellness but are quicker
  • Tamed wolves have already been given even more behaviors
  • Witches have already been given a wider selection of behaviors and new noises
  • Burning up creatures have a little potential for setting fire to close by flammable objects
  • Blocking with tools or weapons today causes harm to them
  • Strongboxes are usually secure metallic chests that can just be opened up by the ball player who positioned them
  • Dirt will drop if undermined or stepped on by the ball player, so look out for cave-ins
  • TNT no more destroys ore, but will be destructive to gems
  • Gravel blocks have a little chance of dropping steel nuggets or gem shards
  • Leaf blocks have the opportunity of dropping sticks
  • Tall grass could be silk-harvested by detatching the block beneath it (ideal for transplanting)
  • Accuracy utilizing a bow is suffering from character level
  • Metal nuggets could be substituted for flint in the producing of arrows
  • Arrows can often be recovered from their targets
  • Lesser enchantment tables could be crafted making use of emeralds rather than diamonds
  • Fishing rods could be enchanted and repaired, and today need a metal nugget within their crafting
  • The optimum time for angling is usually near dawn or dusk, or when it's raining
  • Potential for catching fish is increased in bigger and deeper bodies of drinking water
  • Wooden bowls could be filled up with milk from cows
  • Crops such as for example sugars cane, carrots, potatoes, wheat, pumpkins and melons develop more slowly
  • Seeds, glucose and mushrooms could be eaten for handful of nourishment
  • It takes much longer to starve to loss of life however your character cannot split or location blocks while starving
  • Animals and residing creatures regain wellness slowly as time passes
  • Pets appear less often, but won't despawn as soon as located
  • Baby chickens no more drown while swimming in drinking water
  • Zombies and ghouls will attack pets; chickens are specially vulnerable because they're furthermore hunted by wolves and spiders


Minecraft Is Too Easy Mod

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Minecraft Is Too Easy Mod

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