This mod adds Pony mobs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to Single Player Minecraft! Yes, it has a similar name to the awesome “Mine Little Pony” mod This mod adds many new items to the game, found on the TV show “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”. Other added features include pony mobs,

Mine Little Brony Mod

Mine Little Brony Mod

This mod provides Pony mobs from My Small Pony: Friendship is Miracle to Single Participant Minecraft!

Yes, it includes a similar title to the amazing Mine Small Pony mod

This mod adds many new what to the game, on the TV show My Small Pony: Friendship Is Miracle. Other added features consist of pony mobs, zap apples, fluttershy trees, and more things! Theres furthermore a biome for the Everfree Forest. The mod furthermore (presently) adds The Mane 6, and Derpy to the overall game. The ponies make use of Verdanas Models from these Mine Small Pony mod. In addition they make use of Verdanas skins.

You might want to utilize the mods: Mine Small Pony (enables you to a pony) and Pony Powers (offers you pony attributes, like the capability to fly without hacks if youre a Pegasus, and much more!) with this particular mod!


Display Spoiler Mine Small Brony adds a variety of blocks, yet uses hardly any blockIDs. You can find logs, plant life, ores, clouds, and much more.


On the considerably left will be poison joke, that includes a different affect for every mob that touches it. From then on, throrn bushes, that spawn in the Everfree Forest, and a completely grown corn crop. From then on, in the from still left to right are Apple company, Fluttershy, zap apple company, and cherry saplings making use of their relevant logs, results in and planks.


On the left is really a cloud slab, developed by placing two cloud items next to each additional. On the proper are cloud steps, created by 3 cloud parts in a crafting region in the right angle form.
In the centre top from remaining to right certainly are a storm cloud, soft cloud, and in the centre middle from still left to right will be the hard cloud and bouncy cloud.
In the centre bottom, we've a cloud device and cloud masher.

The block is added that drops random gems, nonetheless it looks the same as stone, thus theres no stage wasting everyones bandwidth having an image. Theres furthermore Tom, who provides himself a random crafting recipe needing another kind of stone every time you start Minecraft. He's got a 1 in 500 possiblity to drop a gemstone.


Present Spoiler Equipment:

Top left we've a Diamond Zaxe, created by crafting a gemstone axe with zap apple company sticks because the sticks rather. To craft Zap Apple company sticks, (or any sticks in this mod), basically make sticks exactly the same way you'll in vanilla Minecraft, but with Zap Apple company logs, Cherry logs, or Fluttershy logs. On the much right we've a salt rake, which, once you right-click water, will provide you with salt, which is found in a few crafting tested recipes.


At the top left we've Cherries, dropped by busting Cherry Tree leaves. Close to that is clearly a cherrychanga. Below which are Zap Apples, Apple company Fritters, and Apple Fruit juice. Below that is clearly a bottle of Vanilla. Lastly, on underneath left, are usually: Tube of Combine, Glass of Flour, Cookie Dough, Cookie Crumbs, and salt.

At the top correct are: Snacks, Corn Seeds and Corn. Below that, a Dandelion Sandwich. Lastly, below that, we've an Assault Cake (it is possible to throw it at items try out throwing one at a sheep), muffins and cupcakes.


On top we've a gem pouch, you may use this to carry any gem. It will keep diamonds and emeralds. In the centre are every sort of gem you will find in the mod.

Components of Harmony:

These presently do only function as excellent armour. Ill be incorporating new abilities later on.


Display Spoiler

These are obtainable in the Render module. When its raining, several will spawn in your entire world within 1000 blocks of spawn. They focus on both single participant and multiplayer worlds friends and family can see the exact same rainbows as possible!


Present Spoiler Very little to state about ponies, theyre put into the globe and you will interact with them. They will have their very own inventory, and (according to the pony), may also wear armour. They make use of (with permission) Verdanas design and rendering program code from Mine Small Pony.

To tame ponies, simply right-click on them with some high grass. From then on, if its a Unicorn (rather than a background pony), it is possible to ask him/her showing you some gem-stuffed rocks in the event that you right-click on him/her with a gem. Youll have to be in a cave, else you wont see them.

You right click on tamed ponies with a torch. Why a torch? Its a place-holder until I put in a meta gui.


Display Spoiler The Everfree Forest:

Plenty of close-jointly trees, vines, and thorn bushes. Poison Joke furthermore spawns here, instead plentifully. Timber Wolves and Changelings are usually indigenous to this biome as well.

Additional Mobs:

Present Spoiler Timber Wolves:

These spawn in the Everfree Forest, and Swamps. Their eye glow at night, and theyre extremely hostile.


Display Spoiler These spawn in exactly the same areas as Timber Wolves, and can attack ponies on view. They will transform in to the pony they strike.


Mine Little Brony Mod

Mine Little Brony Mod

Mine Little Brony Mod

Mine Little Brony Mod

Mine Little Brony Mod

Mine Little Brony Mod

Mine Little Brony Mod

Mine Little Brony Mod

Mine Little Brony Mod

Tested recipes:

Present Spoiler

Salt Rake:


Cookie Crumbs:

Cookie Dough:


Cloud Masher:

Cloud Maker:


Gemstone Zaxe:

Chocolate Milk:


Water-proof Barrel:

This mod utilizes Minecraft Forge , and doesnt edit ANY bottom class so compatibility ought to be fine. You will have to download and install ModLoader in the event that you havent currently. But that doesnt issue right now as this is nevertheless a WIP

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Mine Small Brony Mod
  • Usually do not extract everything you downloaded, all you have to to do is place the zip document you downloaded because of this mod into .minecraft/mods
  • Enjoy


  • Officially updated to at least one 1.5.2
  • Waterproof barrels today keep their liquids
  • Barrels right now emit light predicated on lightlevel of liquid
  • Set barrel liquid degree render.
  • Liquid title and amount put into product tooltip of barrels.
  • Blocks that drop special stuff (electronic.g. barrels fall barrel products w/nbt values) won't drop should they players in creative setting.
  • Foods wont take 2 products instead of using 1.
  • Blocks that drop special stuff (electronic.g. barrels fall barrel products w/nbt values) won't drop if the ball player will be in creative setting.
  • Flooring/Carpets and rugs.
  • Coloured Cup saves saves its color.
  • Add mcmod.details file, which includes MLB logo design (by dann494, easily recall properly)
  • Shift all MineLittlePony classes (even though tweaked without any help) to verdanaetal.minelittlepony.*
  • Foods now heal the right amounts based on what they're, and SCC spawns half as much.
  • Theres today a config choice for players to include custom gems.
  • Begun execution of mirror pools.
  • Barrels will have a blacklist of liquids to learn.

For Minecraft 1.5.2




For Minecraft 1.5.1



For 1.4.7/1.4.6


For Minecraft 1.4.5



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