The aim of Mine & Blade: Commander Mod is to provide the player with controllable npcs that will help you fight enemies. There are a number of mods that provide npcs, however this mod will focus on soldier type npcs. The other thing thatwill set this mod apart from other similar mods is the ability

The purpose of Mine & Blade: Commander Mod would be to provide the participant with controllable npcs that may help you combat enemies. There are numerous of mods offering npcs, nevertheless this mod will concentrate on soldier kind npcs. The other factor thatwill established this mod aside from other comparable mods may be the ability for systems to gain expertise and upgrade to better units and also the lot of customisationof the visual look of the soldiers.

Mine & Blade: Commander Mod

Creating Systems

Models are spawned from the spawn banner. Banners are manufactured by placing 2 bits of exactly the same coloured wool along with a stick.

A banner should be placed on best of a block which has 2 free areas above it (the banner occupies 2 blocks such as a door).

Best clicking the banner introduces the spawning user interface.

The color of the banner will determine the group colours that the machine will undoubtedly be wearing. The models appearance could be customised utilizing the slide-bars on underneath left of the user interface. For the militia your skin, hair, eye and weapon can all become changed. Most of these choices are purely aesthetic and have no impact on the way the unitperforms in fight. The quantity of customisation the mod enables is brain boggling. Spawning of soldiers needed payment of precious metal nuggets. Gold ingots & blocks could also be used and you may automatically get change (9 nuggets = 1 ingot, 9 ingots = 1 block). Spawning will be free in creative setting

The Devices


  • Spawned From: Banner
  • The Militia is bit more when compared to a peasant who provides been thrust in to the center of a battle. They're armed with whatever they discover lying around and their clothes offers small in the form of protection.
  • Attack: 4
  • Health: 15
  • Armour: 2

Man at Hands

  • Improved From: Milita
  • The person at Arms type the backbone of the armies of the property. They are given iron weapons and chainmail armour permitting them to end up being both long lasting and deadly
  • Attack: 6
  • Health: 20
  • Armour: 6


  • Improved From: Man at Hands
  • The Knight will get the best iron structured weapons, armour and shields. Their large armour and shields make sure they are the most long lasting warriors in the property.
  • Attack: 8
  • Health: 25
  • Armour: 15
  • Particular: Arrow Block 25% of most projectile damage is overlooked by the Knight


  • Improved From: Man at Hands
  • Armed with 2 of the greatest iron centered weapons in the property, The Sellsword are often able to remove more intensely armed foes. This nevertheless does arrive at the trouble of their armor, that is less heavy then additional units.
  • Attack: 9
  • Health: 25
  • Armour: 12
  • Unique: Penetrate Armour A little proportion of the harm the Sellsword leads to ignores armor
  • Specific: Leap The Sellsword leaps at its focus on (I'm not certain if this is really working however)


  • Improved From: Milita
  • Even though Spearmans weapons could be somewhat unwieldy, they a lot more than replace it in the expanded variety their iron weapons supply. In conjunction with their chain structured armour this can make the Spearman a formidable push.
  • Attack: 6
  • Health: 20
  • Armour: 6
  • Special: Prolonged Reach The Spearmans weapon enables it to attack from the couple of blocks apart
  • Special: Slow Assault Because of the Spearmans unwieldy weapon, the Spearman assaults at a slower price


  • Improved From: Spearman
  • He prolonged range supplied by the Pikemans iron weapons enables them to strike enemy safely from the short range. Also those enemies that see through their jabs must encounter a greatly armoured foe.
  • Attack: 8
  • Health: 25
  • Armour: 13
  • Special: Prolonged Reach The Pikemans weapon enables it to attack from the couple of blocks aside
  • Special: Slow Strike Because of the Pikemans unwieldy weapon, the Spearman episodes at a slower price

Commanding Products

The existing command will be proven in the display textual content above the soldier. Medical bar is shown just below this, it'll change colour from natural to reddish colored dependingon the existing health. Below medical bar may be the experience bar. Systems will gain encounter for every strike they preform against an enemy mob. The knowledge bar changesfrom purple to lighting blue.

After units haven't noticed an enemy for 15 seconds, they'll sheath their weapon. At this stage the unit will quickly gradually heal itself. Soldiers may also beverage any potion you hands them.

Models will automatically split whatever it really is they are carrying out if they visit a mob (within 16 blocks) to assault the mob. Mobs may also stroll towards and attack devices. Mob usually do not currently strike exploding mobs (eg creepers) as this might be comparable to suicide. Likewise products usually do not currently attack systems on different groups.

Pointing at a soldier from significantly less than 5 blocks apart and pushing the X key will choose the soldier. Several soldiers could be selected.

Alterntivly soldiers could be selected utilizing the trumpet. This product will choose all soldiers in a 15 block radius. It really is crafted like therefore

*Any color wool may be used.

When chosen the Order menu can look on the proper side of the display screen

The soldiers current order could be changed by pushing the along arrows and chosen by pressing the Come back (Enter) essential. Pressing the C essential will near the menuwithout issuing an purchase

Stand Safeguard

The stand guard command may be the default order for models. In this control the machine will stand set up. They will only shift if an enemy mob sometimes appears, following the enemy hasbeen handled, the unit will go back to its position.

Stick to

The stick to command enables you to set devices to check out the commanding player. Devices will continue steadily to follow the ball player (unless an enemy will be sighted) until informed to doanother purchase.


The head to order is a way to more easily shift your soldiers around a battlefield. When chosen an arrow will undoubtedly be displayed along with the block your computer mouse has ended. Pressing select may cause all of your selected units to go to this stage. There exists a limit on what far units can traveling of 50 blocks. This could be transformed in the config document (decrease to boost preformance and boost to boost distance)


Mine & Blade units prefom better if they are properly fed and encircled by teammates. The existing morale of a device can be looked at by the color of the purchase.
The existing morale level will affect the next statistics

  • Attack harm
  • Armour
  • Walk rate
  • Experience get

The next things raise morale

  • Feeding soldiers food (not rotten foods)
  • Having even more soldiers around (the bigger tier the even more morale reward)
  • Making a eliminating blow on a mob.
  • An ally creating a killing blow
  • Getting a new player nearby

The following lower morale

  • Degrading as time passes
  • Feeding soldiers roten flesh
  • Getting enemies around

Set up:

  • Download and Install Minecraft Forge Universal
    • Be sure you follow all of the installation directions for Forge.
  • Download the most recent edition of Mine & Blade: Commander
  • Location the downloaded Mine & Blade Commander.jar file inside your mods directory
  • Operate Minecraft

An email on the coremod: This document allows me to gain access to the RenderPlayer.course without actually editing this to show the symbol above gamers heads. It isn't required but extremely recomended for multiplayer video games. Furthermore it does not have to be up-to-date when minecraft up-dates, it downloads the info required from the web after minecraft improvements

For 1.4.7/1.4.6



For Minecraft 1.4.5


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