Adds a Zoom key. Adjust by holding the Zoom key and looking up or down. Setup your Zoom key in the keyboard settings. The reason why this isn’t an item is because, first, it’s Glitter, and you can use it on any server for sightseeing purposes and screenshot taking, so nothing is required to run

Minaptics Mod

Provides a Zoom essential. Adjust by keeping the Zoom important and finding out about or down. Set up your Zoom type in the keyboard configurations.

The key reason why this isnt something is because, very first, its Glitter, and you will utilize it on any server for sightseeing reasons and screenshot taking, therefore nothing is necessary to run it.

Technically its not really zooming, but transforming the field of look at (FOV).

When in-video game

  • Pressing the Zoom crucial will zoom in or out.
  • Holding the Zoom essential down will zoom in, so when long as youre keeping that important down, looking somewhat up will zoom in, and looking somewhat down will zoom out. The quantity of zoom is preserved for afterwards use.

Requires ModLoader . The FML variant that's contained in Minecraft Forge also needs to work.

Configuration choices:

It is possible to create the document .minecraft/minaptics.cfg to configure choices. Add the fillowing outlines of one's choice:

  • zoom_duration:0 #Eliminate the zoom-in zoom-out animation impact
  • slider_enable:fake #Get rid of the ability to keep down the zoom switch to slide. This program has the side-effect of earning the zoom-out action even more responsive
  • slider_enable:fake
    notoggle_enable:real #Makes the zoom key notoggle: It zooms inside once you hold it, and zooms out there once you release it
  • fox_max:1f #Helps make it probable to zoom out up to normal FOV
  • fox_max:1.5f #Makes it feasible to zoom out into Quake Professional alike FOV

Set up:

  • It is possible to install this mod like any normal mod, by placing the contents of the archive in .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar.
  • You can even install it by placing the archive document into .minecraft/mods/ folder.



  • Various options are actually configurable in the document .minecraft/minaptics.cfg

For Minecraft 1.6.2


For Minecraft 1.5.2


Other Variations:

Present Spoiler

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.7



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