At it’s core, this mod adds an iron trapdoor and new metal rods into the game. Iron rods (created by placing two ingots vertically in the crafting grid) are used in place of ingots in the iron bar crafting recipe, which is now used by iron trapdoors (that were, as an interesting side-note, already coded

Metal Rods Mod

At its core, this mod offers an iron trapdoor and brand-new metal rods in to the video game. Iron rods (developed by putting two ingots vertically in the crafting grid) are employed instead of ingots in the iron bar crafting recipe, that is now utilized by iron trapdoors (which were, being an interesting side-note, currently coded in to the game!).

There are some extra options moreover, however. Iron rods could also be used to craft reinforced, stronger versions of the typical tool-models (+ bows). Gold rods (crafted just as) may be used to create enhanced, even more enchant-able tools. Lastly, the mod provides the option to displace or health supplement the vanilla rail tested recipes with new rod-structured alternatives. You can choose whichever functions youd like in the mods config document though each is enabled automagically.


Metal Rods Mod

Metal Rods Mod

How exactly to Install Metallic Rods

  • Download and install Modloader.
  • Download the Steel Rods
  • Drag the contents of the .Zip into your minecraft.jar
  • Ensure that your META-INF will be deleted.
  • Enjoy!
  • Changelogs:


    • Up-to-date for Minecraft 1.5.x

    For Minecraft 1.5.2


    For 1.4.7/1.4.6

    Forge edition: https://minecraft365.internet/download/

    Modloader edition: https://minecraft365.internet/download/

    For Minecraft 1.4.5


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