Metal Mechanics brings the power of Universal Electricity to the world of Metallurgy! Basic Electrical Machinery: Crusher – Grinds ores into dusts which can then be smelted, doing this will double how many ingots you get from those ores that you mined! Extractor – Extractors various items such as; Plants, providing more Dyes than the

Metal Mechanics Mod

Metallic Mechanics brings the energy of Universal Electrical power to the planet of Metallurgy!

Basic Electric Machinery:

  • Crusher Grinds ores into dusts that may then be smelted, achieving this will double just how many ingots you obtain from those ores that you mined!
  • Extractor Extractors various products such as for example; Plants, providing even more Dyes compared to the normal technique or Bitumen (from Metallurgy Utility Ores) providing even more Tar compared to the furnace.
  • Compressor Clamps items into finer types such as for example 1 Cobblestone to 2 Stone Bricks or 1 Tar into 2 Wire Insulation (Electric Growth).
  • Sawmill Finely slices wood with small waste. For instance, this device can slice 1 log into 6 planks yielding 2 additional planks in comparison to using the rafting region.

Advanced Modu lar Machinery:

  • JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Notice below for the prepared features list.

Alternative Crafting Dishes:

  • Advanced Metallurgy Alloy Quality recipes Making use of Metallurgy Utility Ores items plus some of the brand new metals supplied by this mod, an increased quantity of Alloy Metals could be produced from less bottom metals.
    For example, 2 Metal Dust is generally crafted by mixing 1 Iron Dust and 1 Manganese Dust. With Steel Mechanics, 4 Steel Dirt could be crafted by blending 1 Iron Dirt, 1 Manganese Dirt and 1 Bitumen! After that you can add Tungsten Dirt to the blend for 6
    Steel Dirt.
    Osmuim Dirt from Mekanism may also be crafted using Metallurgy Platinum Dirt and Sulfur!
  • Upgrade Metallurgy Devices Metallurgy Furnaces and Crushers today be used as components when crafting Electric powered Furnaces (from Basic Elements) or Electric Crushers (out of this mod).
  • Recipes for Electric Growth, Mekanism, Liquid Mechanics and much more!can craft I would recommend the usage of the INSUFFICIENT Items mod to be able to view all the quality recipes added by this mod. Stuff like Wire Insulation certainly are a lot simpler to produce (6 Tar = 1 Insulation or by Compressed into 12 Insulation)!

New Metallurgy Ores:

  • This mod adds several new ores for used in a few tested recipes also to allow Metallurgy to supply these ores to some other mods that utilize them.
  • Lead Ore Found in various machine dishes, Lead Dust could also be used to improve the Bronze Dirt recipe alongside Sulphur.
    A Business lead Furnace and Crusher could be made out of Lead Ingots, it really is faster when compared to a Bronze Furnace but runs on the many more coal.
  • Aluminium Ore Found in some machine recipes, Electric powered Expansion cables and Mekanism Enriched Alloys (combine with Potash).
    An Aluminium Furnace and Crusher could be made out of Aluminium Ingots and a Direct/Bronze Furnace/Crusher, ranking exactly like a Iron Furnace, getting faster but more energy hungry.
  • Titanium Ore Found in some recipes, generally provided for additional mods to utilize.
    A Titanium Furnace/Crusher could be created from Titanium Ingots and an Aluminium/Iron Furnace/Crusher, ranking exactly like a Metal Furnace, this may then be upgraded to a power Furnace (from Basic Parts).
  • Tungsten Ore Again, mainly for various other mods, Tungsten Dust furthermore boosts the Steel Dirt recipe alongside Bitumen.


Metal Mechanics Mod

The Electric powered Sawmill, Crusher, Extractor and Compressor

Metal Mechanics Mod

The Electric powered Crusher with the Guide, Aluminium and Titanium Furnaces and Crushers

Metal Mechanics Mod

Lead, Aluminium, Tungsten and Titanium

Metal Mechanics Mod

Needed Mods:

  • Minecraft Forge (Server and Customer)
  • Metallurgy 3
  • Universal Electrical power (Basic Elements)
    Metal Mechanics can now work without Simple Components, however it is preferred as Circuits, Cables, Motors, etc are essential in order to craft and use devices.

Set up:

  • Download and install Necessary Mods above
  • Drag and drop jar data files into Minecraft.jar

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Metallic Mechanics



Metallurgy 3



For Minecraft 1.5.1

Steel Mechanics: https://minecraft365.internet/download/Metal-Mechanics-Mod-1.5.1.jar

Metallurgy 3: https://minecraft365.internet/download/Metallurgy-3-Mod-1.5.1.jar


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