WeaponsToolsFood & Plants Are you bored of normal Minecraft weapons? Then this modification is what you need! It adding weapons, tools and food – everything you need to stay in fight alive Features: Weapons Crossbows Battleaxes Hammers Zenitte Armour Tools Shovaxe Emerald Tools Food & Plants Currant & Currant Bush Gooseberry & Gooseberry Bush Fruity

Medieval Weapons Mod

Are you currently bored of regular Minecraft weapons? After that this modification is the thing you need! It incorporating weapons, equipment and food all you need to stay in combat alive




Present Spoiler So can be you anticipate, that my crossbow will undoubtedly be yet another bow, but somewhat modified? You then are wrong. All of this crossbows are particular in one factor theyre repeating or rapid-fire crossbows. Theyre make use of arrows as ammo. Give it a try, its really amusing!

Therere 6 different crossbows. 5 regular and 1 special. Regular crossbows are usually like any tool you may make Wooden, Rock, Iron, Golden and Gemstone crossbow. Listed below are the crafting dishes:

The unique one is named Fire Crossbow. It capturing lighted arrows, if you strike mob or TNT, they'll be established into fire. A crafting recipe is usually tiny bit different:

Good to learn:

  • The most effective crossbow will be Golden one, nonetheless it have just 33 utilizes.
  • Amount of uses of each normal crossbows is comparable to amount of uses of equipment made from same materials.
  • Is way better to shoot at dosages, like burst fire. It will save lots of arrows.

Display Spoiler Occasionally you need something stronger than a regular sword. What now ?? Yeah, you are correct craft a battleaxe! But wait around a moment perhaps you dont understand, what it really is. All right, without a doubt more about your brand-new friend. Battleaxes is similar to a normal sword. It is possible to put enchantments onto it through anvil, it is possible to kill mobs using them and destroy cobwebs. But all they're slightly more effective. I am hoping you will like all of them, but now understand this picture with crafting quality recipes:

Good to learn:

  • Iron battleaxe is powerful like gemstone sword.
  • Amount of uses of each battleaxe is comparable to amount of uses of equipment made from same materials.
  • Harm of every battleaxe is approximately 1 HP more after that damage of sword created from same material.
  • You cant maintenance battleaxe.
  • You can place enchantments on battleaxes simply through anvil.

Present Spoiler Are usually your rival the very best of the bests? Will he have any specific ability? After that grab this completely new weapon hammer! For a more powerful advantage and heaviness it offers more harm than any normal weapon. But continue your mind, that thing is quite expensive, therefore its recommended to include Unbreaking enchantment onto it. Well, but just how much expensive? Appear at crafting recipe:

Good to learn:

  • Rock hammer is effective like gemstone sword.
  • Amount of uses of each hammer is comparable to amount of uses of equipment made from same materials.
  • Harm of every hammer is approximately 2 HP more after that damage of sword created from same material.
  • You cant restoration hammers.
  • You can place enchantments on hammers simply through anvil.
Zenitte Armour

Display Spoiler If you want something better and effective than gemstone, why you shouldnt attempt Zenitte Armour? But possess in your thoughts that it takes lots of time to obtain full group of Zenitte Armour. To begin with, move in caves and discovered Ruby ore. After that mine it with gemstone or emerald pickaxe (or shovaxe of same materials):

When you have Rubys, you should smelt them. However, not just rubys, additionally you have to smelt emeralds and obisidians like therefore:

Today you will need to craft a Zenitte, to begin seven Magical Gems:

Lastly, you may make some Zenitte armour:

Good to learn:

  • Zenitte Armour can absorb around 1 200 harm.
  • Zenitte Armour is approximately 10% better than gemstone armour
  • Zenitte possess magic efect on itselfs
  • In another of the next revise, you will have Zenitte Sword (will undoubtedly be foundable in dungeons)
  • Ruby Ore could be created in very deep ranges. One Ruby Ore drops one Ruby.
  • One stack of Liquid Ruby, Emerald and Obsidian contains 16 pieces.



Present Spoiler You can now easily destroy all kind of block with one product. All the Shovaxes possess infinite uses, but which means that they are usually not cheap thing! Appear at crafting recipe:

Good to learn:

  • In following update, wooden, rock and golden shovaxe wont have got infinite uses, but three times more than equipment made from same materials.
  • Every shovaxe can ruin every block (except of bedrock). That is bug, which will be set in next up-date.
Emerald Equipment

Display Spoiler Are you experiencing plenty of emerald? You then should make an effort to craft one of this phenomenal emerald device! Theyre all really quick, but they have much less uses. Start to see the crafting recipe:

Good to learn:

  • Emerald equipment have 500 utilizes.
  • Emerald tools will be the most efficient equipment in Minecraft.

Food & Plant life

Currant & Currant Bush

Present Spoiler It doesnt matter if you want or hate currant, however in my mod its actually useful fruit.

You can find it from Currant Bush, that you can find anyplace. It appears like this:

Good to learn:

  • Destroying Currant Bush offers you two currants.
  • One currant restores 4 hunger factors (2 hunger pubs), like apple company.
  • You may use Currants to create Fruity Cakes
Gooseberry & Gooseberry Bush

Display Spoiler Gooseberry are usually smaller after that currant, but theyre nevertheless good.

You can obtain it from Gooseberry Bush, that you can find anyplace. It appears like this:

Good to learn:

  • Destroying Gooseberry Bush offers you four gooseberries.
  • One gooseberry restores 2 hunger factors (1 food cravings bar), like melon slice.
  • You may use Gooseberry to create Fruity Cakes
Fruity Cake

Present Spoiler Perhaps you noticed that fruits are healthful. And if we create a cake from their website, their will undoubtedly be healthy and tasty simultaneously. Craft a Fruity Cake, eat it and rapidly heal yourself.

Good to learn:

  • One Fruity Cake restores 10 food cravings points (5 food cravings bar).
  • Once you ate Fruity Cake you obtain Regeneration I for 10 seconds.
  • This food will be stackable 8 Fruity Cakes per stack

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Medieval Weapons Mod
  • Put Medieval Weapons Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it. In the event that you dont possess a mods folder, generate it
  • Done



  • Added Emerald equipment & weapons
  • Additional Ruby & Ruby ore
  • Added Zenitte Among seven Magical Gems
  • Additional Zenitte Armour
  • New consistency for Currant Bush and Gooseberry Bush
  • Currant Bush today drops 2 Currants rather than 1




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