McBot is a powerful bot engine which adds automation to the game. It controls your camera and movement without locking the rest of your computer. It works similar to ModLoader & McForge, where it supports multiple bots/mods to be installed at once. Screenshot: BotManager Installation: Download and install Minecraft Forge Open minecraft.jar with something like

McBot Mod

McBot is really a powerful bot motor which provides automation to the overall game. It handles your camera and motion without locking the others of one's computer. It works much like ModLoader & McForge, where it supports several bots/mods to end up being installed simultaneously.


McBot Mod


Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Open up minecraft.jar with something similar to WinRar or even WinZip
  • Drag the McBot files involved with it & overwrite all data files
  • Delete Meta-Inf
  • Done

How exactly to install bots

It is possible to install bots in two methods, editing the minecraft.jar or even dropping a zip document

Minecraft.jar way:

  • 1. Open up minecraft.jar with something similar to WinRar or even WinZip
  • 2. Drag the bot files involved with it & merge all folders
  • 3. Done

Drag n Drop method:

  • 1. Locate .minecraft/bots/
  • 2. Drag the bot zip document in there
  • 3. Done

How exactly to use it (In-video game)

  • 1. Install your preferred bot.
  • 2. Push F9 to open up the botmanager
  • 3. Choose your preferred bot and push Begin bot



  • Fixed crafting desk crafting
  • Up-to-date to at least one 1.5.2
  • Set a little bot thread concern
  • Corebot inGameLoop no more throws an exception
  • Additional furnace smelting
  • Additional slot converter offset
  • Additional a path program
  • Added route traversing
  • Added upper body interaction
  • Added place utility class
  • Additional documentation

For Minecraft 1.5.2



For Minecraft 1.5.1



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