Maze Maker Command: Maze Maker in Vanilla Minecraft with two command blocks. Maze Maker Command Block lets you place any of 12 different maze modules anywhere you wish in order to create the maze of your dreams. You can use just one module or place hundreds of them down to create the most diabolical maze

Maze Maker in Vanilla Minecraft with two control blocks. Maze Maker Control Block enables you to place some of 12 various maze modules anyplace you wish to be able to generate the maze of one's dreams. You may use just one single module or place a huge selection of them right down to create probably the most diabolical maze it is possible to think of. You're even able to modification the block that all section is constructed of.


How exactly to install:

  • To include any one-command development to your world, very first give yourself a order block with /give @p minecraft:control_block .
  • You need to place 2 order blocks along with each additional. Paste the very first command in underneath one and the next command in top of the one.
  • As soon as you pasted all of the commands, you need to activate with a redstone block simply the command block in the bottom.

Maze Maker Order:

For Minecraft 1.9.4

1st Control

2nd Control


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