Features: Lens Flare Working Motion blur. New waving stuff like Water, Lava, Lily pads and much more! Godrays for Sun and MOON. Gamma corrections Optimized at some points. Better lighting Screenshots: Godrays and Lens flare! clear water and a decent waving! Smoother nights! Requires: Optifine GLSL Shaders Mod How to install: Please visit the following

MAC Shaders Mod


  • Zoom lens Flare
  • Working Movement blur.
  • New waving things like Drinking water, Lava, Lily pads plus much more!
  • Godrays for Sunlight and MOON.
  • Gamma corrections
  • Optimized at some factors.
  • Much better lighting


Godrays and Zoom lens flare!

MAC Shaders Mod

pure water and a good waving!

MAC Shaders Mod

MAC Shaders Mod

Smoother nights!

MAC Shaders Mod



GLSL Shaders Mod

How exactly to install:

Consistency Pack: Faithful Consistency Pack

Note: In the event that you obtained an Intel graphic cards make sure to utilize the specific shaders for this. Move the water data files and the env folder as a result to your favourite consistency pack in the event that you dont need to utilize it

Lite: https://minecraft365.internet/download/MAC-Shaders-Mod-Lite-1.4.7.zip

Ultra: https://minecraft365.internet/download/MAC-Shaders-Mod-Ultra-1.4.7.zip

Intel cards Lite: https://minecraft365.internet/download/MAC-Shaders-Mod-Intelcard-Lite-1.4.7.zip

Intel cards Ultra: https://minecraft365.internet/download/MAC-Shaders-Mod-Intelcard-Ultra-1.4.7.zip


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