Ever wanted a form of lighting which you could hold (or wear)? This mod adds lanterns which can be carried and will emit light around the player when switched on. The light will be seen by other players on SMP. The lantern require fuel to run, which can be made from animal fat or fermented

Lanterns Mod 1.5.2

Ever wanted a kind of lighting that you could keep (or use)? This mod provides lanterns which may be carried and can emit light round the player when started up. The light will undoubtedly be seen by additional gamers on SMP. The lantern need fuel to perform, which can be created from animal fats or fermented sugars. If holding the lantern around will become tiresome, you will want to craft it right into a head-torch, that will emit light round the participant when put on on the top and started up (default key can be F). The head-torch changes its texture to point to other gamers whether it's on or off. Furthermore included is really a handy way of keeping your lanterns the lantern hook. The lanterns mod is certainly heavily motivated by VIIIs Lanterns mod, but rewritten for Forge and SMP.

Lanterns and Head-torches

As soon as crafted, a lantern could be started up or off when it's right-clicked. Holding change will avoid this from taking place. A lantern will immediately extinguish itself if taken off the gamers hotbar. The lantern could be placed anyplace on the hotbar to emit gentle.

A head-torch is really a wearable type of lantern which may be worn on the top. It is built from a buckskin helmet and a lantern, but won't provide any security from damage. To lighting and extinguish head-torches, an integral will be pressed on the keyboard (default: F, configurable from the controls menus)

A flint and steel must be any place in the players stock to lighting a lantern or head-torch (however, not to extinguish it).

Both lanterns and head-torches will eat gas when lit, but lanterns won't use any energy when lit on a lantern hook. Lanterns and head-torches possess tooltips which show just how much gasoline is left inside them, and their harm pubs will reflect this.

Lanterns and head-torches will demand fuel to run. You can find 2 forms of fuel accessible lantern oil created from animal unwanted fat, and bio oil created from fermented sugar drinking water.

Lantern oil may be the easiest to create: Smelting prepared pork or beef in a furnace will yield 3 pet fat. Combining this having an empty bottle gives bottled fat, that may then end up being smelted in a furnace to provide lantern oil.

Bio essential oil is even more renewable than lantern essential oil, but takes much longer to produce. 8 Glucose and a drinking water bottle could be combined to provide a bottle of glucose water. This should be in a players stock for a complete of a quarter-hour to ferment into bio essential oil. A tooltip on the sugars water gives a percent of how fermented it really is, and the harm bar will reflect this as well.
Remember that whilst fermenting, glucose water will not stack, but as soon as it is becoming bio oil, it'll build up to 64.

Each bottle of fuel gives 2 minutes of lighting in the lantern or head-torch.

To refuel a lantern or head-torch, mix it in a crafting desk with around 5 bottles of gas (either kind will continue to work and can be mixed). Each bottle additional will include 2 minutes of energy to the lantern or head-torch. The recipe won't permit you to overfill the lantern or head-torch.

Lantern Hooks

The lantern hook could be placed on the medial side of any strong block.

Right-clicking on on the hook whilst keeping a lantern will hang it on the hook for storage space. Right-clicking on a kept lantern having an empty hands will retreive it.

Whenever a lantern will be hung on a hook, change+right-clicking onto it will toggle it on or away from.

A flint and steel continues to be necessary to light lanterns if they're on hooks, however the lanterns won't use any gasoline whilst hung up (enabling infinite decorative lights with lanterns)

Set up:

For Minecraft 1.5.2


For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.7



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