The dimension is the Iron Dimension. It has Iron Grass, Iron Dirt, Iron Trees and Soft Iron. The Iron dimension has tons of Iron Golems in it as well. To build a portal to the Iron dimension: you just make the same as a nether portal but instead of Obsidian you have Iron Blocks then

Iron Dimension Mod

The dimension may be the Iron Dimension. It offers Iron Grass, Iron Dust, Iron Trees and Soft Iron. The Iron dimension provides a great deal of Iron Golems inside it as well. To create a portal to the Iron dimension: you merely make exactly like a nether portal but rather of Obsidian you possess Iron Blocks after that light it having an Iron Flint and Metal

There is today a Gold Dimension with Golden Golems. To access the dimension you have to create a portal with Gold Blocks. Now a Gemstone Dimension!


  • A fresh Iron dimension: The Iron dimension: Functions Iron Golems, Iron Cows, Iron Grass/Grime, Soft Iron, Super Iron Ore and Iron Trees.
  • A FRESH Portal: Made just like a nether portal but rather of Obsidian make use of Iron Blocks.
  • Custom made Flint and Steels.
  • A FRESH Super Iron Ore with Equipment (with Sword), Armor and a brilliant Iron Block.
  • Radioactive Iron Ore with Ingot, Radioactive Iron Block, Sword, Armor, Pickaxe and Shovel (WIP)
  • A Golden Dimension with Golden Golems, Gold Grass/Dust and Soft Gold.
  • A FRESH Diamond Dimension!
  • Iron Sticks for equipment
  • Iron/Gold Bricks for developing
  • Custom Innovative Tab for Iron Dimension Products and Blocks, a Tab for Gold Dimension Things and a Tab for forthcoming Diamond Dimension Things.
  • Achievements!


Iron Dimension Mod

Iron Dimension Mod

Iron Dimension Mod

Iron Dimension Mod

Iron Dimension Mod

Iron Dimension Mod

Iron Dimension Mod

Quality recipes:

Super Iron Block

Super Iron Tools

Super Iron Ingot

Super Iron Armor

Radioactive Ingot

Radioactive Sword

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Iron Dimension Mod
  • Put Iron Dimension Mod document into your /.minecraft/mods folder
  • Done



  • Totally recoded the mod to create it appropriate for. MULTIPLAYER.
  • Additional Iron and Gold Brick Stairs.
  • Re-additional Iron Trees. (Been quite a long time since that time).
  • Super Iron and Radioactive tools right now need Iron Sticks.
  • Additional a mcmod.details
  • Reorganized textures for 1.5 format.

Recoding Information:

  • Through the recoding of the mod some functions have altered. Some functions havent been touched however, many appear to have been changed.
  • Nearly all Block and Item IDs have already been changed. If you have a older Iron Dimension from before 1.5 it'll delete the majority of your Items and Blocks. Develop a new world!
  • Because of coding problems I've had to eliminate Armor till I look for a solution. In the event that you a modder and you also make use of forge and you also think it is possible to help, get in touch with me via PM.
  • You will have a fair few quantity of bugs in this upgrade. I'd really Appreciate in the event that you inform me any bugs.

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.7



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