This mod adds in one new item into minecraft: The hoonPad (or iPad). This item kinda works like a tablet device, with different apps (applications). There are few different apps with hoonPad that give the player different effects and even an app to spawn instant structures or to explode like a creeper! Screenshots: The app

iPad Mod

This mod adds in a single brand new item into minecraft: The hoonPad (or iPad). This item kinda works just like a tablet gadget, with different apps (apps). You can find few various apps with hoonPad that provide the ball player different effects and also an app to spawn quick structures or even to explode such as a creeper!


The app after may be the world app. This can let you change enough time of your day and climate to anything you want.

The creeper app enables you to blow up at that moment. WARNING MAY Eliminate YOU

You can even change the dimension and host to the explosion.


The initial command will switch your hoonPad into (yes) budder. Nonetheless it will be simply temporlariy (excuse my poor spelling) and when you try to shift it around in your stock it'll turn back in to the hoonpad.

The suicide app currently doesnt function.

The Video Participant App

The Instant Home App

To build a residence, your energy should be full, and you can find three different tier homes

THE MIND Teaser App!

The Quick Menus App:

The Rocket App

The About App

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download iPad Mod
  • Place iPad Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it. In the event that you dont possess a mods folder, generate it
  • Done




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