About Improved First Person:Improved First Person Mod Download Links About Improved First Person: Does it bother you that you have a disembodied hand in first person? What about the fact that you can only see a very small portion of your skin then? This mod makes your third-person player model show in first person, so

Improved First Person Mod

About Improved First Individual:

Does it frustrate you which you have a disembodied submit first person? Think about the reality that it is possible to only see a really small part of your skin after that? This mod can make your third-person player model display in first person, therefore no more disembodied fingers.

Those arent the only real reasons you may want this mod, though. Getting this mod enables you to feel just like a boss while youre working. Having the ability to see two fingers moving like youre in fact running is really cool. Furthermore, bows are kept in your left hands (like real-lifestyle right-handed archers), which furthermore feels very epic.




Flying creeper! (No, this mod doesnt create creepers fly)

Killing things!


Right-handed bow-holding!

Shameless self-marketing, these bows and arrows are usually Much better Bows Mod

How exactly to install:

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v1.6.4 r1

New functions:

  • Animated Gamer compatibility: Enhanced First Person now can make the Animated Participant models mind invisible in first individual as it should, and in addition makes the digital camera follow the models mind.
  • Produced the range where the head can shift without moving your body smaller sized when looking right down to create it easier to notice below you.

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2




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