You are a fan of Minecraft. After building your shelter, you want to make it more fun by bringing some animals inside. And while wandering in the game world, you…

You are a fan of Minecraft. After building your shelter, you want to make it more fun by bringing some animals inside. And while wandering in the game world, you realize the existence of parrots darting through the trees. Excited aboutit, you want to bring a parrot into your home, but you don’t know – how.

How to tame a parrot in Minecraft

Don’t worry, in today’s tutorial we will explain exactly how to tame a parrot in Minecraft through extremely simple and quick steps. Not only will I teach you how to be successful, but I’ll also find helpful tips about parrots in Minecraft and how to make the best use of all of their exciting abilities.

Relax and read carefully all the tips I have prepared for you below!

1. How to tame a parrot in Minecraft

1.1  Collect seeds

In the game, the seed is the only food the Parrot can consume. There are different types of seeds that Parrots eat in Minecraft:

– Wheat

– Seeds of beetroot

– Melon seeds

– Pumpkin seeds

Seeds not only quench hunger but also aid in healing. If you throw the seed at a parrot with a reduced lifespan, it will begin to heal automatically. Food is the best source to gain the trust of any animal in Minecraft. Once you feed them enough, it will make them your trusted companion. You Feed them enough to tame these little birds.

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1.2  Taming a parrot

Now that you have the seeds, it’s time to see how to tame a parrot. First of all, you have to find the forest- the natural habitat for parrots in Minecraft.

You won’t have much trouble finding a forest, you can do it using the command console. All you have to do is use location some Minecraft: forest inside biome and determine the coordinates of the biome of this type that is closest to its location. You can also quickly get to this location by teleporting.

After spotting a parrot (usually among the trees), try to approach slowly, paying attention to the Seed’s position in a quick slot.

It will take several tries before you can successfully tame a parrot. If trying to feed it fails, you will notice smoke around the bird. I warn you that it can fly, but you can easily track it because Minecraft parrots fly low and travel short distances.

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If, after feeding the parrot, you see hearts appearing around it, it means that you have succeeded. From now on, that parrot will follow you wherever you go.

1.3 Parrot behavior

Parrots in Minecraft have a bit of weird behavior, but they can make players feel good. See what to expect from a domesticated parrot below:

First, know that the parrot will follow you as long as you allow it.

Regarding food, parrots in Minecraft do not need food. The only food you can interact with this bird is Cookies but it can cause the parrot to die. Therefore, I advise you to never give a domesticated parrot a cookie unless you want to lose it forever.

For other behaviors, if a parrot is near a jukebox playing music, it will dance. Interestingly, right?

So you’ve got your own parrot. Follow for more ways to tame more animals to make your Minecraft house more fun and lively.

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