1. Install the game on your PC If you want to play Minecraft on your PC, the first thing you must do is purchase and download the game. Minecraft costs…

1. Install the game on your PC

If you want to play Minecraft on your PC, the first thing you must do is purchase and download the game. Minecraft costs around twenty-five dollars and may be downloaded for free from the official Minecraft website, Minecraft.net.To purchase Minecraft, go to the home page and click the yellow Get Minecraft icon to establish a Mojang account.

Download Minecraft

2. Make sure you’re comfortable with the controls.

The controls are one of the most frustrating aspects of Minecraft to figure out because they can alter with each update. You can customize these controls in the options menu, but here are the ones you’ll need to know on the PC version of Minecraft:

+ WASD keys: In Minecraft, WASD keys: In Minecraft, players use the WASD keys to navigate around and double-tap W to sprint.

  • W travels ahead,
  • S travels backward,
  • A travels to the left
  • D travels to the right.

If you’ve only ever used your arrow keys, these controls will take some getting accustomed to, but once you do, they’ll be easier to use than arrow keys.

+ E: gives you access to your inventory.

+ Double-tapping W: will cause your character to sprint. It is faster than pressing W only once, will consume a lot more energy, and your hunger gauge (yes, you have one) will deplete faster.

+ The LM button: sometimes known as the “left mouse button,” is used to click and drag items around your inventory, attack creatures, and, most importantly, destroy blocks.

+ The right mouse button: often known as the RM button, is used to position blocks and can be used in several shortcuts while dragging blocks about your inventory. It can also be used to consume when carrying a food item, as well as to activate blocks like as TNT, furnaces, doors, crafting tables, and more. You can block by pressing the RM button while wielding a sword

Minecraft Control Minecraft Control

+ Numbers/Mouse Scroller: To choose things in your Hotbar, utilize the numbers and mouse scroller.

+ Shift: is a crouching technique. You will not fall off if you use it near a cliff. Other players will be unable to see your nametag, which is located over your head.

+ Jumping is done with the space bar. It’s also utilized for swimming to the top in the water.

+ Esc: You access the main menu with the Esc key. If you mistakenly pressed esc, go to the bottom and select the Back to Game option. It also pauses everything if you press this button and you are the only player in the world.

+ Q: Use this button to drop or give any items you don’t want to other gamers.

3. Putting Together Your Resources

You’ll need a shelter to survive in Minecraft, especially if you’re playing on survival or easy. You’ll need a lot of resources and blocks for this, especially coal, wood, and cobblestone.
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Putting Together Your Resources

1. Begin with wood : To harvest woods, press and hold the left mouse button on any tree trunk until it breaks. The block is then collected. If you have an ax, you can use it with the number keys or the mouse scroller to harvest the wood a little faster. (or a lot faster, depending on the axe you’re using).

2.Tabulate to create resources: Go to your inventory (use E). At the top, there should be four boxes. Don’t worry about arranging the shapes; only drop the wood into the box. Besides these four boxes, there is also a single box. Click on this single box until you have as many boards as you want, then place four of them in a square in the same box with four planks, then assemble the crafting table you created.

3. Place your table in the desired location and right-click it: You’ll notice that your table is slightly larger, which will aid you in creating more complicated features like fences and stairs in the future. It’s even possible to bake a cake in it!

4. Make a wooden pickaxe to assist you in obtaining coal and stone: To do so, build sticks (two vertically stacked wooden planks) and insert one in each of the center column’s bottom two boxes. Then drag three wooden boards across the top, and you should have a wooden pickaxe if you did everything correctly. It is for stone mining.

5. Locate the rock or dig down until you find it: The rock is a gray block that can’t be broken by your hand. If you try, it will disappear and you can’t get the resource.
Charcoal is similar to rock, however, it has dark spots on it. These two blocks can be broken with a wooden pickaxe; however, other mineral blocks will require a stone or iron pickaxe to break.

6. Make a pickaxe out of stone: The top three boxes have the same shape as a wooden pickaxe, except they are made of stone instead of wood.

7. Make torches with coals you discover (a coal on top of a stick). Make sure you leave some because coal is necessary for cooking and smelting ores like iron and gold.

4. Getting Through Your First Night

So you’ve gathered your materials and mastered the controls in Minecraft? Good! The sun should have begun to set by now. If you’re playing on simple, monsters will appear shortly, and you need to build a hasty shelter! (By pressing Esc and selecting choices, you can determine your level of difficulty.) If you don’t have time to build a decent shelter using your tools, wood, stone, and torches, you only dig three gaps down and cover the top hole with something. When the sun starts to set, the music will start playing.

Getting Through Your First Night

1 Turn on the lights in the area: This will prevent creatures from spawning in the areas where it is illuminated, allowing you to develop your home more safely.
Step 11 in Playing Minecraft on a PC

2. Assemble the blocks: Build a basic shelter out of the scraps of wood, stone, planks, and even dirt you’ve acquired. You don’t need to do anything fancy with it right now; that will come later. For the time being, all you care about is getting through the night. All you need for your home is four walls, a ceiling, and a two-foot-high area for the door. The barriers should be three blocks high at the very least.
Step 12 in Playing Minecraft on a PC.

3. Construct a door: Place your crafting table on the ground and right-click it. The table that you used to make your selection should now show. Make a vertical 2×3 rectangle in the box with six wooden planks, then take your wooden door from the box next to it. Place the door in the 2 high space you created in step 2 with a right click. This will allow you to enter and exit your home.

4: Light up your home if you haven’t already: You don’t want creatures to spawn on your property! Monsters won’t spawn in light sources with a light level higher than 7, and a torch has a light level of 14! Monsters do not spawn in daylight as a result of this, but be aware that they can spawn in caverns. Some mobs, such as creepers and spiders, do not burn in sunlight. All of this will be covered in the next stage.

5. Place a brick in front of the door to keep zombies out: If you’re playing in hard difficulty, zombies can smash down doors, so simply put one in front of it or dig a hole and you’ll be OK.

6. Stay up all night: You should be alright if you’ve done everything correctly and the door is shut!

5. Understanding Your Mobs

Understanding Your Mobs

1. Find out about your “mobs”: Any hostile or non-hostile NPC animal in Minecraft is referred to as a mob can be destroyed. The majority of them contain food or other stuff, and some can even be traded or transported.

2. Pigs can be used for transportation or food: You can ride a pig if you put a saddle on it and right-click it, but you can’t control it without a carrot on a stick. You can also prepare pork, which is good food, for meals.

3. Cows are mostly used for food: You can click a cow for milk if you have a bucket, or you can kill a cow for leather and raw beef if you don’t.

4. You can correct Mushrooms: These critters resemble cows, and if sheared, they will transform into cows! If sheared, they will additionally drop 5 mushrooms. If they are killed, they will produce beef and skin like a cow.

5. Feathers, raw chickens and eggs can all be obtained from chickens: When you make an arrow, feathers can be used, and chicken and eggs can be eaten. Except for the fact that the chicken must be cooked and the cake can be made with eggs.

6. Right-click on a sheep with dye to permanently change the color of their wool. They drop colored or non-colored wool blocks, as well as raw lamb if they are sheared or killed. (Only if you are dead.)

7. Horses and donkeys are used for transportation: Specially designed armor, as well as a saddle, can be worn by horses. They move quickly and may jump highly. Donkeys can carry chests and saddles, but they can’t wear armor.

8. Squids are killed for their ink: Squids drop ink sacs when killed, which can be used to make black dye.

9. To tame wolves, throw a bone for them: When wolves are attacked, they become hostile and attack you even if you are peaceful. However, if you have a lot of bones, you can use them to tame a wolf. Wolves will attack skeletons for you and follow you about; if you don’t want them to, you can make them sit. You also can tame rabbits and sheep like that.

10. To tame ocelots, feed them uncooked fish: However, requirements must be satisfied certainly to tame an ocelot, such as the ocelot looking at you and gently approaching you. When given a fish, ocelots transform into a cat that, like wolves, will follow you around once tamed. They’ll go after creepers on your behalf.

11. Hunting rabbits for their hides and flesh: Rabbits will drop rabbit hide (which can be converted into leather) and rabbit meat when they are killed.


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Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. The game was created by Markus "Notch" Persson in the Java programming language. Following several early private testing versions, it was first made public in May 2009 before fully releasing in November 2011, with Notch stepping down and Jens "Jeb" Bergensten taking over development.