In Minecraft, Snow Powder is important to you. But it's also quite difficult to pick them up. Let's find out how to get snow powder in Minecraft right here

Snow powder is a trap block that can be obtained from forest biomes and snowy slopes. In Minecraft, using Snow Powder is interesting but potentially risky if you accidentally get stuck inside. Today's article will cover how to collect and use snow powder in the game.

Main contents:

How to collect snow powder in Minecraft.

1.1 Natural spawning snow powder

1.2 Collecting snow powder manually

1.3 Put snow powder

2. Uses of snow powder in Minecraft.

How to get snow powder in Minecraft

1. How to collect snow powder in Minecraft.

1.1 Snow powder naturally reproduces

With update 1.18 Hang and Cliffs, we have many new types of biomes. Two of these biomes, Groves and Snowy Slopes, contain powdered snow that spawns naturally.

You will be able to use a bucket to shovel this snow powder.

Snow powder naturally reproduces

           It is important to note that snow powder cannot be mined with any tools. If you try to use a tool, the snow will break but no blocks will fall.

1.2 Collect snow powder manually

             Powdered snow can also be collected with just a cauldron and a bucket. Cauldrons are essentially tubs that can collect water, lava, and powdered snow. With a cauldron set up in the snow biome, it will slowly accumulate snow powder.

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Collect snow powder manually

When the cauldron is full of snow, you can scoop it out with a bucket.

1.3 Set snow powder

           Snow powder can also be placed directly on the ground using a bucket.

To do this, all you need to do is hold the bucket and interact with your desired location. Doing so will place a powdered snow mass on the ground.

Unlike normal snow, you can go through powdered snow. This will slow you down and apply the freezing effect.

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2. Uses of snow powder in Minecraft

You can use snow powder to make traps. All entities, including the player, will sink into the powdery snow if they step over it. After 7 seconds of interacting with the block, you will start to freeze. You will lose 1 HP every 2 seconds.

During this time, you will see snowflakes appear in the corners of the screen to warn of danger. However, you can protect yourself by wearing leather armor. Each piece of leather armor nullifies the freezing effect. Furthermore, you won't fall into Powder Snow if you wear leather boots in the first place.

Uses of snow powder in Minecraft

In addition, when encountering fire, this snow block will melt. Skeletons that are stuck in Powder Snow for a long time will turn into Stray aka Ice Skeleton. In fact, Stray will appear with 100% HP even though the previous Skeleton was injured.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you know how to collect and use snow powder in Minecraft in the most useful way. Next time, remember to prepare yourself with snow powder to make the game more interesting!


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