Finding precious loot in Minecraft is a great sensation, and for top-tier loot, any player should head straight to the End, where rare End Cities will have great enchanted iron…

Finding precious loot in Minecraft is a great sensation, and for top-tier loot, any player should head straight to the End, where rare End Cities will have great enchanted iron and diamond-grade armor. Not only that, but this is also the only sport where the player can obtain an elytron, a set of wings that allows the player to glide and fly.

The End, on the other hand, is a difficult place to traverse because cities are scarce and inhabitants, the Shulkers, are obnoxious. Conquering an End City is a difficult task. Fortunately, the player has a few options for making the work a little easier.

Safely Returning Home

Safely Returning Home

It’s simple to get stuck in the End for tens of thousands of blocks, far from the player’s original portal. Fortunately, other gateway portals will occasionally appear within the End, transporting the player back to the main island.

When first observed Conquer An End City In Minecraft, these gateway portals will emit a purple beacon-like pillar of light, making them simple to recognize from afar. Keep an eye out for them, and they should be your return ticket.

Endermen: How to Deal With Them

Although Endermen are quite docile, they can inadvertently turn into enemies. If this occurs, they will pursue the player and do significant damage, particularly if numerous Endermen attack at the same time.
Endermen despise water, so having a bucket of it around is ideal. Digging a hole in a wall so the Enderman can’t get inside is another simple approach to trap them and kill them.

Getting to Ships

Ships are distinct structures that will occasionally appear near the End City, slightly away from the city’s docking area. The ship will not be available in every city, but those that do will be guaranteed to have an elytron within.

Because the train is often hung away from the main tower of the city, the best way to reach it is to build a bridge. However, be wary of the Shulkers who patrol the ship’s perimeter. To avoid Levitation, it’s advisable to snipe them with a bow from afar before approaching them.

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Taking Care of Shulkers

The End has a low population of mobs. However, it’s never a good idea to underestimate Shulkers. A small homing missile shot is fired at the player by these monsters. When fighting with a group of Shulkers, the damage can quickly add up. The Levitate status effect is applied by these missiles can result in instant death if the player hovers too high.

The best way to avoid floating up when Levitation is performed is to have milk on hand, Feather Falling IV on boots, or place a block over the player’s head. Shields can also be used to intercept missiles easily.

A City’s Structure

A City's Structure

Cities exist in diverse shapes and sizes, and not all of them have the same areas and rooms. The entrance, however, is usually the same, guarded by two Shulkers. Cities are made up of tall skyscrapers with densely populated, Shulkers and tough to scale.

Because the loot is often found at the top of these structures, make sure to search every nook and crevice, including the top floor. If a player finds a very large End City, towers will branch out to second and even third towers.

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Choosing a City

End Cities aren’t exactly common. Most are scattered throughout the various islands at random, and it might take hours for a player to find one. When using the portal from the central End island where the player fought the dragon, the player will likely be near an End City.

The trick is to look for islands that have ended biomes as midlands or plateaus. Keep the render distance at 32 pieces or more if possible, so that even the farthest islands can be generated.

Getting to the End

Getting to the End

Finding a city is easy; getting there is difficult. Essentially, The End is a collection of floating islands, many of which aren’t related in any way.

Bridge construction is a time-consuming yet reliable alternative. However, this requires a large number of blocks and may be dangerous. Ender Gems can be thrown over a gap to teleport to the opposite side of the islands are near enough. Pearls are also useful if the player falls into the abyss and needs to teleport back to the surface quickly.

Other Requirements

Traveling will be inconvenient in the end, so bring along some extra requests just in case. Prepare an Ender chest, which will allow you to store valuable loot without the risk of losing it. Make sure you have a Silk Touch diamond pickaxe handy to mine it once it’s placed.

If the player is concerned about the Levitation status effect, consuming buckets of milk is a wonderful way to eliminate any status effects. Healing II and Regeneration are two further potions that will benefit the player.

Enchantments And Armor

Enchantments And Armor

When it comes to armor, diamond-grade gear is an absolute must. If they can afford it, players who are already playing in the Nether update version can upgrade to Netherite armor for a bit more protection. However, considering the possibility of fall damage and Endermen, diamond is a must-have.

Feather Falling IV diamond boots are especially suitable in the case where the player has received the Levitation status effect from a Shulker and is dropped from a considerable height. Protection IV or Projectile Protection IV, on the other hand, will be excellent.


The majority of players will undoubtedly swear by their diamond blade, which isn’t always a terrible thing. It’s a good idea to bring one with you when you go to the End, ideally one with Looting III on it, so you can collect ender pearls from Endermen more easily.

On the other hand, a bow with strong enchanting power should be the go-to weapon for taking down Shulkers at a distance. Every participant should bring a bow with Infinity, Unbreaking III, and Power IV if they want to live.


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