As well as crops and food, Minecraft farms can be set up to harvest iron blocks. This article will show you how to build the iron farm in Minecraft

              Iron is an important resource in Minecraft. It is one of the few resources used by players from the beginning to the end of the game. It serves as the main crafting ingredient for a lot of items and blocks.

However, the popularity of iron as a crafting ingredient is not easily found. So, how to get iron farm in Minecraft?

build the iron farm in Minecraft

For many players, the only option was to go mining, tunneling, or fishing in a cave in the hope of finding enough ore. However, there is another way. You can make an iron farm that uses Iron Golems to produce iron, and these amazing constructions will run in the background, producing larger amounts of the iron day by day. If you want to know how to do it, stay tuned!

Main contents:

  • Begin
  • Building the Zombie Area
  • Construction of residential areas
  • Build the spawning platform
  • Build a killing zone
  • Begin

                Many materials are important to the construction of any iron farm, and the overall design can vary considerably. Here is a list of what you need. The numbers will vary depending on the design:



    Glass cup

    404 (6 stacks + 20)


    260 (4 stacks + 4)





    Pressure plate


    Machine fence


    Fence gate












    Solid block

    số 8





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    Building the Zombie Area

            For the Iron to continuously appear, the Villager must be in a state of "fear". There are a few mobs that can put them in this state, but the easiest to kill are Zombies. Iron Farms on a larger scale are often built using multiple spawning areas, with Zombies moving between them.

    Building the Zombie Area

    Sleep is another requirement for iron to spawn - a frightened Villager can only spawn Golems if they have been asleep recently. So you need to move a Zombie away from the Villager to allow them to sleep, then move it back to scare them.

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    Remember, iron can take some time to spawn after the Villager is scared, so to make sure one always spawns we need to keep the Zombie near the Villager for a while, that's the goal. platform destination.

    Construction of residential areas

                The next important part is the areas where you will hold the Villagers. The idea here is to trick the game into thinking these areas are Villages, which will allow  the iron to spawn. Nowadays, all that is needed to form a "Village" is the Villager and the bed. For iron to be able to reproduce, the population must be at least three.

    The important things to do in this part are to make sure that the Villager has access to the bed, has a view of the Zombie (it can't scare them if they can't see it) and can't escape.

    Diagonally one block from the corners of the track, place a solid block for the Villager to stand on, then add beds on either side of the block away from the track as shown. On the other two sides, place the chest. Chests are a bit smaller than regular blocks, so they're ideal for keeping Villagers as their smaller size will only allow Villagers to see Zombies while they're in bed.

    Construction of residential areas

    Once done, lay the rope over all the beds and chests, and carpet them. This will prevent the Villagers from escaping, while still allowing them to see the Zombies and access the bed. At this point, you can transfer your Villager. Finally, place a glass block above where the Villager will stand, and place torches around it to keep the area well lit. Repeat this for the remaining three corners.
    If you're playing on a server, you can add 3x3 glass panels at the end of the two outermost beds. Server lag can cause Villagers to glitch out of their hold when they wake up, so these boards are a measure to prevent such problems.

    Add 3x3 glass panels at the end of the two outermost beds

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    Build the spawning platform

          Much of the work is now behind you, with all that's left to do is the spawn, kill, and collect areas.

    The spawning platforms themselves are pretty straightforward: four blocks below where the Villagers stand, build a 7x7 platform with your stones and make a 2x2 hole near the middle, a little closer to the track.

    Build the spawning platform in Minecraft
    If the different shapes or sizes of the platform better suit your needs, then you don't have to follow these specifications exactly. Just make sure the platforms are close enough to the Villager for the Golem to spawn and a good size to allow spawning while still getting the iron to the hole quickly.

    Next, build a glass wall two blocks high around the base, and add a fence gate through the hole you made. Then all that's left to do is fill the corners with water. If you used floor slabs, make sure to put the water on the wall and not on the slab - right-clicking on the panels won't put water on top of them but will instead stagnate and cause it to fall to the bottom. Repeat this next to the other three Villagers areas, and the above-ground is done. All that remains is to find out how the Golems will be dispatched.

    Build a killing zone

                    Then all that's left to do is build the kill zone. Do a nice long drop under platform holes (having Golems nearby can affect spawning on the next platform, so quickly dropping Golems out of range is a good solution to this), then put the hopper down where you want to collect the iron, and feed them to the chest.

    Iron Golems are completely immune to falling damage, so we'll have to use other methods to finish them off. Two blocks above the hoppers, put some markings on the walls of the shaft, and some lava on top of them. This will cause the Golem to burn and drop the iron. And with that, you've finished your iron farm! Your farm will be active whenever you're nearby, giving you stacks of iron to pick up from chests whenever you need them.

                 Above, are the things to do to build an iron farm in Minecraft. Read it carefully and do it now! Good luck!


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