Do you know what it takes and how to build a ghast farm in Minecraft? Find out with us!

             Tear of Horror is one of Minecraft's cool resources. While they're not as widely used as wood or iron, their uses are powerful - healing potions and ending crystals are both items that can help a lot during the late game development of Minecraft.

However, to get these tears is a nuisance. Ghosts are uncommon and hard to kill, and even in the event that you kill one, the drops often fall into the lava. Luckily, there's an easier way - like most things in Minecraft, Ghasts can be built into farms, earning you all the tears of horror you could ask for. Here's how to do it- build a ghast farm in Minecraft.

Main contents:

  • What do you need?
  • How to create a ghast farm in Minecraft.
  • What do you need?

                    This Ghast Farm is a portal-based design, so the main thing you will need is lots of obsidian. We'll be using portals 21 blocks long and 4 blocks high, so for every portal, you want you'll need 50 obsidian. Note that if you are building a second layer you can use the top of the first layer's ports as the bottom of the second layer, so only 29 obsidian is needed for the gates on the additional layers according

    How to build a ghast farm in Minecraft

    Additionally, you'll need the building blocks - the three-block wide platforms have to be built on either side of each portal, so 126 blocks are required for the first portal and then the next 63 for each additional portal fig.

    You'll also need a few stacks of glass, regular funnels and chests, some soul sand, and a few wilted roses. Roses can be hard to come by, but properly trapping a Wither and placing something like fish in front of it will get you enough wilted flowers in no time.

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    How to create a ghast farm in Minecraft

    Image of a monster in one of Minecraft's soul sand valley biomes

    Step 1: Go to the roof of Minecraft's Nether

              Players who want to build a terrible farm in Minecraft will need to find their way to the roof of the Nether.

    Go to the roof of Minecraft's Nether

    You can do this by finding a ravine on the roof of Minecraft's Nether, scaffolding up to the bedrock, placing a ladder, climbing to the top, and using the last pearl to mine one of the stones. glitch of the game and go through the foundation.

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    Once on the roof of the Nether, gamers will also need a way back to the Overworld. Using a Nether portal is the easiest way to do this, so you have to make sure to bring enough supplies to build one.

    Materials used: Ender Pearls, Scaffolding, Ladders, Obsidian, Flint & Steel

    Step 2: Locate the soul sand valley biome

          The best location for a terrible farm in Minecraft is in a soul sand valley biome. The easiest way for players to find one is by using the Minecraft's / Locbiome command.

    Locate the soul sand valley biome

    This will tell you the closest coordinates of the soul sand valley as well as how far away from the biome is. You can also use Minecraft's F3 command to see your biome type as well as your current coordinates.

    Step 3: Set up AFK points and use the farm

             Minecraft spawns hostile mobs using a mob system, which means that at any given time only a finite number of mobs can exist. Such mobs can exist in a sphere around the player, within a 128 block radius. If you just sit in a random spot in the Nether, mob caps will quickly fill up from spawning mobs across the dimensional biomes around you.

    This is why Nether roofs are used to feed Ghasts (and many other Nether farms). If you sit about 128 blocks above the farm, that will be the only place in the orb around you where mobs can spawn, meaning you don't have to worry about regular Nethers taking up mob caps and doing reduce the total number of spawnable Ghasts on your farm.

    Set up AFK points and use the farm

    Then what you need to do is build from the middle of your farm to around Y-level 235, and build a small platform where you can sit to use the farm. This will get you the best Ghast spawn rate and everything is handled on the underworld side thanks to the aforementioned portal fragment loading.

    Once the foundation is built, you've finished your ghast farm! To use the farm, just sit on the platform. Everything will happen automatically and whenever you are ready to collect your Ghast tears you can go to your chest in the underworld and pick them up. After at least ten minutes, you should see more Ghast tears you get than you can get from manually killing Ghast.

                Hopefully, through this article, you can build many ghast farms in your Minecraft world. Don't forget to share with everyone! Many thanks!


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