This mod makes exploration exciting again by adding 16 statues for you to discover, randomly generated to produce thousands of unique results, each of which affects the world around it in its own individual way. Discover dangerous statues, helpful statues, and just plain weird ones! MIX & MATCH pieces to create NEW EFFECTS! The Statues:

Household Gods Mod

This mod makes exploration exciting once again with the addition of 16 statues so that you can find out, randomly generated to create a large number of unique results, all of which affects the planet around it in its individual way. Discover harmful statues, useful statues, and just basic weird types! MIX & Complement parts to generate NEW Results!

The Statues:

Each statue is made up of three parts: the top, the torso, and your feet. When combined, these components function in tandem to create the unique aftereffect of that statue, by forming sort of sentence that the ball player can change by switching out components. A new piece usually means a fresh effect, so test out all the possible combos and remember the brands of the ones you prefer most!

Present Spoiler 1. Hephaestus- Armorer to the Gods and Patron of Metallurgy!

  • Heph: Enchant/Repair
  • aes: in nearest upper body
  • tus: weapon or armor.

2. Demeter- Goddess of Character and Growth!

  • De: Grow
  • met: around 3
  • er: plant life.

3. Anubis- Protector of the Dead!

  • An: Harm
  • u: all
  • bis: residing.

4. Beowulf- Slayer of Monsters and Hero of the Geats!

  • Be: Eliminate
  • o: strongest
  • wulf: monster.

5. Prometheus- Far-Sighted Giver of Fire!

  • Professional: Create
  • meth: near player
  • eus: flint & steel.

6. Jupiter- King of Gods and Expert of Lightning!

  • Ju: Contact lightning
  • pi: rapidly to
  • er: random location.

7. Kokopelli- The Trickster Musician!

  • Ko: Have fun with
  • ko: at nearest player area
  • pelli: a scary audio!

8. Aphrodite- Goddess of Fertility and Like!

  • Aph: Mate
  • rod: two
  • ite: pets.

9. Hestia- Protector of the Hearth!

  • Hes: Provide/Place
  • t: to gamer/in Furnace
  • ia: foods.

10. Mammon- Greed Personified!

  • Mam: Summon
  • m: to surface
  • on: ores.

11. Poseidon- Lord of the Oceans!

  • Pos: Spawn
  • ei: at sea degree
  • don: drinking water.

12. Quetzalcoatl- The Winged Serpent!

  • Quet: Fall
  • zal: near statue
  • coatl: seeds.

3. Minerva- Wisdom Herself!

  • Min: Spawn
  • er: in random place
  • va: textbooks/maps/knowledge bottles.

14. Asclepius- Master of Medications!

  • Asc: Heal
  • lep: nearest hurt
  • ius: participant.

Miscellaneous Ideas:

  • Each statue piece includes a different acceleration, some slower plus some quicker, and the combined swiftness of every piece is just how long before the the next time the statue will activate!
  • Pieces of exactly the same set could have a synergistic impact when 2 or even more are employed together. Discover all of the synergies!
  • Statue pieces can't be crafted, just found. Look out for the uncommon as they could be buried.

Set up:

  • 1. Install Risigumis Modloader.
  • 2. Delete META INF folder.
  • 3. Location Household Gods zip document in Minecrafts /mods folder.
  • 4. Enjoy!


  • Statue pieces right now save orientation when departing a chunk or exiting the overall game.
  • Definitely SMP suitable this time.
  • Selfduplicating statues now stop if they find a specific number of additional statues in a big area. They will try to teleport either the offending statues or themselves until they discover room to duplicate.
  • Additional configcontrolled limit for maximum amount of statues before duplication ceases.
  • Additional configcontrolled limit for maximum amount of products a statue might have spawned at once.
  • End up being will now attack gamers for a share of max life, enabling 2-3 hits before gamer is killed.
  • Be strike type transformed from magic to actual physical, that ought to allow armor to mitigate more damage (untested).
  • Certain variants of Heph may today enchant weapons and armor in participant/monster inventory.
  • Asc seriously buffed. Now it generates an aura (just like the beacon!), dependant on the torso, and impacting creatures, dependant on the feet.
  • Additional Lightning Resist potion impact for Asc (potion not really brewable).
  • Additional Thorns potion impact for Asc (potion not really brewable).
  • Additional Featherfall potion impact for Asc (potion not really brewable).
  • Set Demeter typo. Pieces ought to be De me ter.

For Minecraft 1.5.2



For 1.4.7/1.4.6




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