What is this mod?Health Charms Mod Screenshot:Mod Video:Health Charms Mod Recipes:Ingame Gui:How to install Health Charms Mod: Health Charms Mod Download Links What is this mod? Health Charms are enchanted pieces of paper that can heal you when you loose more then half of your life Health Charms can be crafted only in tiers, meaning

Health Charms Mod

What's this mod?

Wellness Charms are enchanted bits of paper that may heal you once you loose more after that half of your lifestyle

Health Charms could be crafted just in tiers, indicating you will need the previous appeal to make the following tier

Example with amounts :

Imagine you produced a tier 2 Health Charm. these fill up to 30 fifty percent hearts.

You collapse a ledge, and so are damaged 8 complete hearts. You've kept 2. this means you're below the 1 / 2 of your max wellness, so the attraction kicks in. The elegance immediatly heals you the distinction between your max wellness and your current wellness, signifying it heals you 8 complete hearts. The appeal will therefore loose 16 half hearts. the charms nevertheless provides 14 half hearts he is able to heal to you, that will be a bit afterwards, when a creeper drops on your head, even though a skeleton is capturing you !!

Wellness Charms Mod Screenshot:

Health Charms Mod

Mod Movie:

Tiers and their crafting tested recipes. Five tiers currently can be found. Each tier is known as after the material they're designed with.
Iron Charms, Gold Charms, Quartz Charms, Emerald Charms and Gemstone Charms.

Particular healing amounts in two hearts: 20, 30, 60, 140, 200

Health Charms Mod Quality recipes:

Tier I : Iron Attraction

Tier II : Golden Elegance

Tier III : Quartz Appeal

Tier IV : Emerald Attraction

Now demands 2 emeralds

Tier V : Diamond Elegance

Ingame Gui:

Could be configured in the config document. think it is in .minecraft/config/Charms.cfg

Just which means you dont often have to check out the item.

  • Hearts could be configured noticeable or invisible.
  • Hearts could be configured showing as half or complete hearts. will alo influence the number.
  • The ourple part you can view may be the cooldown.
  • Hud bar will now switch along if necesairy.
  • Hud bar could be flipped still left in config.

Charm Products have tooltips, so that you can generally keep an eye on their information. Charms possess a cooldown, so its never to over driven. the cooldown is 30 secs for each tier. Charms have to be equiped within the last hotbarslot !!!!

Works excellent with noHeros more wellness mod. It is a nice add-on to divine rpg, as mobs have become powerful.

How exactly to install Wellness Charms Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Wellness Charms Mod
  • Put Wellness Charms Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2


https://minecraft365.net/download/HealthCharms 1.6.2 v3.zip

For Minecraft 1.5.2




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