Have you got a lot of useless gunpowder? Do you think that TNT is a slow small explosion? Do you want to throw grenades against your enemies? And of course…to cause destruction? So this is your Mod! Screenshots: Recipes: Recipes that have this: is mean that you can craft it in whatever orden into Crafting

GunPowder Plus Mod

  • Are you experiencing a lot of worthless gunpowder?
  • Do you consider that TNT is really a slow little explosion?
  • Do you wish to toss grenades against your enemies?
  • And of courseto result in destruction?

So this can be your Mod!


GunPowder Plus Mod

GunPowder Plus Mod

GunPowder Plus Mod

GunPowder Plus Mod

Tested recipes:

Recipes which have this: is imply that it is possible to craft it in whatever orden into Crafting Desk.

To create gunpowder.

Very Shrapnel (Simply for making some other crafts)

Moderate Shrapnel (Simply for making additional crafts)

Higher Shrapnel (Simply for making various other crafts)

StiGr-24 (Small stick grenade, little power, brief explosion radius) (I Entire world War)

MK-II (Moderate grenade, medium power, reasonable explosion radius) (II Globe War)

M-67 (Huge grenade, big strength, terrifield explosion radius) (More recently)

Lead Ingot


Set up:

  • Download and install Modloader
  • Delete META-INF document
  • Download GunPowder Plus Mod
  • Drag and drop data files from GunPowder Plus Mod into Minecraft.jar
  • Near Minecraft.jar and operate minecraft!




  • Three brand new ores that spawn for all your planet. (Sulfur Ore, Saltpeter Ore and Lead Ore)
  • Three brand new grenades to destroy ambient or eliminate enemies(Or for enjoyable)
  • Three forms of Shrapnel to can make the grenades.
  • New recipe to create gunpowder.
  • Two brand new smelthing recipes.




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