The mod is intended to “overhaul” nature in Minecraft Added Items Blocks Machines Flowers Underground and Overworld Generation (Trees, too!) Nether Screenshots: Recipes: Go to Green Thumb Mod recipes page Installation: Download and install Minecraft Forge Download Green Thumb Mod Put Green Thumb Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. Done For

Green Thumb Mod

The mod is supposed to overhaul character in Minecraft

Added Products

Display Spoiler Crushed mushrooms will be the first set of products added to the overall game by Natural Thumb. They are gathered from crafting mushrooms in a particular method in the crafting desk. They enable the crafting of mycelium, among other activities.

Chainmail may be the second. This is a portion of tightly woven steel rings, developing a non-permeable armor level. They could be crafted into the earlier unobtainable Chain Armor established. Iron nuggets, anothe product added, are employed solely to generate chainmail.

Tar is put into the game it really is used as an alternative for slimeballs in every dishes, and can be utilized to seal wood planks. This can make the planks proof to fire.

Wolf fur is put into the game. Needlessly to say, it drops from wolves. Currently, it really is utilized to craft buckskin armor. It has its own armor occur the next update, nevertheless.

Blank Disk/Sheet Music are put into make songs discs craftable. Various variants of sheet songs can be designed to specify which songs disc you're crafting.

Mudballs fall from mud, which generates randomly underground. Mudballs could be smelted into an Adobe Brick, which in turn could be crafted into various kinds of Adobe Bricks.

Three brand-new dyes are put into the game. They're Tan Dye, Pale Dye, and Chamoisee Dye. All of them are tan-ish in colour, and cannot be utilized to dye sheep. They are able to only be utilized to craft dyed wool. Ideal for pixel art.

Poisoned swords are put into the overall game. They deal the standard amount of harm, but also supply the victim poison for a couple secs. The iron dagger can be added to the overall game, a weaker variant of the iron sword. It offers nearly just as much damage because the iron sword, but lasts considerably shorter than it.

The Old Toxin can be added to the overall game. It is utilized to poison swords, also it can be acquired through the Atrum Viridis, a lethal flower.

Several new meals are added, too Natural Squid, for just one, drops from squid, and may be eaten to revive two chicken hip and legs (four hunger factors). When cooked, you obtain Calamari, which heals four poultry legs (eight hunger factors). Ditto with sheep; they fall natural sheep rinds, which restore four food cravings points, eight when consumed. The green apple company is additional as a counterpart to the red apple. It gets the same traits because the apple company. As a byproduct of mentioned apples, apple company pie is put into the overall game! It heals three poultry legs, or six food cravings points. Cheese can be additional it heals one . 5 chicken legs.

Also, as an advantage for the overall game, Ive additional Cheesecake! Its a cake, with substituted elements concerning bake a cheesecake. The consistency has been changed, however the effects haven't been modified. It nevertheless has six slices, all of which heal one poultry leg.

Ive furthermore added a new kind of bucket, the wood bucket! It offers a much easier solution to transport liquid. Nevertheless, it can't be used to acquire lava (for obvious factors) or milk. That is never to overpower the wood bucket, also to let it just provide you with method of transport for drinking water.


Present Spoiler The initial block this sport adds is Packed Dust, which, because the name claims, is hardened dust. It creates underground in huge veins, and drops 1-4 grime blocks. Packed dirt may be used to create Packed Grime Fences and Packed Dust Slabs. The name was previously Hardened Dirt, nonetheless it was changed because of conflict with Biomes O Lots.

The Ender Block will be another block put into the game. This is a extremely annoying, yet effective, block it teleports around just like the Dragon Egg will. It really is partially translucent, significance you can view through it. It generates a lens, once you appear through it, which allows you to find underground caves and dungeons.

Elder blocks are put into the game by Environment friendly Thumb, too. They result from the Elder Tree, a fresh tree put into world era. The Elder Log may be the log from the Elder Tree, and Elder Results in are the results in from the Elder Tree. The leaves drop natural apples, together with the Elder Sapling. Elder Planks could be built from the Elder Log. Elder Planks could be designed into Elder Planks Slabs.

Adobe Bricks are put into the game. They contain normal Adobe Bricks, Mossy Adobe Bricks, Chiseled Adobe Bricks, and Cracked Adobe Bricks. They are all obtainable through quality recipes in the overall game. These blocks are usually mostly are aesthetic reasons. The standard adobe bricks could be designed into slabs, stairs, and wall space.

The Tar Block is put into the game. It really is simply a compact edition of tar. Once you stroll through it, youll end up being at the mercy of walking very gradually, and can even sink involved with it, so its far better avoid it completely.

Another block put into the game may be the mud block. It spawns underground in moderately sized veins, and drops 1-4 mudballs. Mud will mildly gradual you down once you walk through it, as well.

Three fresh wools are put into the overall game Chamoisee Wool, Tan Wool, and Pale Wool. They're built from regular wool and something of the three dyes Ive put into the game. Aesthetic, mainly.

Ornate and Hieroglyphic Sandstone are usually two brand-new decorative blocks put into the game. They may be designed, and dont do much besides appearance pretty. They could be designed into slabs and stairs.

Sealed planks are put into the game. They're fire-resistant variations of planks currently in the overall game. Oak, Birch, Jungle, Spruce, and Elder planks are available. They may be designed into Sealed Fences, Slabs, and Stairs.

Obsidian wall space and slabs are put into the game, due to the fact I believe obsidian needs even more uses. You will have more to come with this topic.

The glowstone torch is put into the game, as well. It glows brighter when compared to a regular torch, and is built from glowstone and a stay. It provides an excellent, strong lighting.


Display Spoiler Natural Thumb currently adds several new machines in to the video game. They all usually do not need redstone to become activated, because they are self-sufficient and also have relatively small objective.

The Redstone Seeder is additional. It spreads grass to encircling blocks. It really is more efficient when compared to a grass block since when harvested, the device still holds the opportunity to pass on grass wherever youd like.

The Redstone Corruptor is additional; it can pretty much a similar thing because the Seeder, but spreads mycelium, instead.

The Redstone Ager is put into the overall game. It spreads moss over encircling blocks of the next types: Cobblestone, Rock Bricks, and Adobe Bricks.


Present Spoiler Several fresh flowers are put into the game via Environment friendly Thumb.

The Cyan Flower is put into the overall game. It spawns in every biomes, and will be designed into cyan dye. It originates from Minecraft: Wallet Edition.

The Glowflower can be added to the overall game. It spawns in every biomes, and spreads a respectable amount of light. Quite useful during the night. Drops 1-2 glowstone.

The Pink Carnation can be added to the overall game. It spawns in every biomes, and may be designed into pink dye.

The Daisy is put into the overall game. It spawns in every biomes, and will be crafted into lighting grey dye (because bonemeal doubles as fertilizer.)

The Violet is put into the game, as well. It spawns in every biomes, and may be designed into purple dye.

The Fen Blossom can be additional. It spawns in swamps, and drops a slimeball or two.

The Arcus Pluvius , or Rainbowflower, spawns hardly ever in the Great Hills biome. It drops itself, and will be crafted right into a amount of dyes, based on which slot you stick it in the crafting grid.

The Sunflower is put into the game. It could be designed into orange dye.

The Atrum Viridis , or Black Bloom, is put into the overall game. It radiates evil, so when touched, grants the fortunate victim the wither impact for a couple of seconds. When destroyed, it'll sometimes drop nothing at all, and sometimes fall itself. It thrives underground, and spreads obsidian if it's planted around rock. It could be smelted in to the Ancient Toxin, that is utilized to poison swords.

Slightly Yellowing High Grass and Yellowing High Grass are put into the game. They just develop on sand, and so are not accessible in survival mode. They fall nothing, and live just in deserts.

Shrubs spawn in deserts from time to time, proving that there surely is at least some lifestyle in the barren wasteland.

Underground and Overworld Era (Trees, as well!)

Display Spoiler Mud and Hardened Grime spawn underground, producing mining much less dull for the ball player. Cobblestone furthermore spawns underground, due to the fact it looks pretty great when you look for a cave and observe some diversity of blocks. Furthermore, clay has began to spread underground, producing the bland rock now teeming with additional blocks!

Underneath taiga and snowy biomes, ice and snowfall right now generate, giving a far more realistic impact to mining in cool environments.

Dungeons have a fresh counterpart Adobe Dungeons! Theyre currently the same as regular dungeons, except they're manufactured from Adobe Bricks. Ill discover a way to create them cool, I guarantee.

Adobe Wells today spawn in the Overworld, in Plains and Severe Hills biomes. Theyre exactly like normal wells, but adobe.

Ive furthermore added a couple brand-new mobs to the dungeon spawner checklist Creepers and Silverfish! They are able to now find their method into dungeons, producing them very much scarier than normal dungeons. They're both quite common, as well, so look out.

Melons right now spawn seldom in the swamp biome, too.

The Elder Tree, a big, branched, easy-to-notice tree spawns uncommonly in the Plains and Intensive Hills biomes. An image of it really is probably up someplace in the blog post, but or even, it can be observed in the Programmers Screenshot Gallery. A web link is provided near the top of the posting. It drops Natural Apples, somebody for reddish colored apples.


Present Spoiler You understand how Nether Wart will be impossible to get? It today generates with Soul Sand, if you look for a patch of Soul Sand, theres an excellent chance therell end up being some Nether Wart with it.

Need even more motivation to visit the Nether? New Nether Dungeons spawn! They're manufactured from Nether Bricks, and spawn Zombie Pigmen.


Tested recipes:

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Natural Thumb Mod
  • Put Environment friendly Thumb Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done

For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2




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