Gases Mod Features:Gases Mod Screenshots:Gases Mod Video:How to install Gases Mod: Gases Mod Changelogs:Gases Mod Download Links This mod introduces, well, gases into the Minecraft world. This mod aims to fix that. It might seem like gases will only have a small impact on your world, but believe me, it won’t. Gases Mod Features: Neat

Gases Mod

This mod introduces, well, gases in to the Minecraft planet. This mod aims to repair that. It might look like gases is only going to have a small effect on your entire world, but trust me, it wont.

Gases Mod Functions:

  • Neat moving gases with different attributes!
  • Generated fuel pockets! Youll only see them in the event that you dig for them.
  • Smoke!
  • Deadly steam! Better be cautious when mining that obsidian.
  • Lanterns! They could look fancy however they are crucial to your survival!
  • More!

Gases Mod Screenshots:

Heres a good example of what you should not really do

Gases Mod

Gasoline. A miners foe or perhaps a miners friend?

Gases Mod

Gases Mod Movie:

So, which gases is there?

That's entirely your decision to discover. What I can talk about, though, will be that you ought to be careful with those torches. It could set something burning. We dont need that, now perform we?

So, whats the offer about lanterns?

As I could have currently hinted, torches might set something burning . Lanterns won't set something burning . It is possible to place torches in the lantern at the expense of some light variety, or location bottles of gas inside them to create them burn at complete lighting for a long period! They may be placed in the lantern either by correct simply clicking it with that, or by putting a clear lantern and that on a crafting desk. Glowstone lanterns will be the only full-vivid lanterns who dont expire.

Fine, there are usually gases in my own Minecraft globe. How is that likely to influence me?

Usually do not underestimate the result gases possess on your world, particularly your mining experience. Overall, getting gases in your planet will in actuality make survival harder if you don't utilize it to your benefit. In the event that you enter your mines unacquainted with everything you could encounter, you'll most likely find yourself dead. Upcoming functions in this mod can make it achievable to take usage of gas (as a energy source).

How exactly to install Gases Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer or Modloader
  • Download Gases Mod
  • Put zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done

Gases Mod Changelogs:


  • Flammable gases now burn correctly
  • Fuel rendering has been somewhat altered
  • Glenns Gases will automatically look for improvements and notify the ball player if an upgrade exists. This could be disabled in the construction.

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.6.2




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