How to install Forgotten Nature Mod for Minecraft: Features: 38 new trees/bushes and 7 new Biomes. Each tree is partial to a specific biome. Many new trees grow fruit/nuts, have their own saplings and work with bonemeal. Each tree and biome is optional inside the ForgottenNature.cfg file. Includes something similar to the timber mod. Use

Forgotten Nature Mod


  • 38 fresh trees/bushes and 7 brand-new Biomes . Each tree will be partial to a particular biome.
  • Many fresh trees grow fruit/nuts, possess their very own saplings and use bonemeal.
  • Each tree and biome will be optional in the ForgottenNature.cfg document.
  • Includes something such as the timber mod. Make use of an iron axe or much better.
  • All blocks and saplings can be found in the creative menus.
  • 10 brand-new flowers. These flowers could be bonemealed.
  • 44 fresh leaves, 23 brand-new logs, 37 saplings/bushlings, 2 mushrooms/huge mushrooms.
  • 22 fresh planks. Made from brand-new logs and/or any log + shaded stain.
  • 16 new cup blocks.
  • 5 fresh stones: Granite, Gneiss, Hornfels, Marble, Chert.
  • 6 new rock brick blocks.
  • 8 fruit blocks. Break to fall fruit.
  • 12 crystal blocks which includes a crystal torch.
  • 11 brand-new colored fences, 11 fresh colored stairs, 11 brand-new colored fifty percent planks.
  • 10 fruit items, 5 fresh breads, 15 salads, 3 drinks, 4 nuts, 7 stains.
  • 11 new equipment including a noticed.
  • More miscellaneous products.
  • Adds 18 crops which includes bamboo.
  • Crops possess four stages rather than eight, yet they ought to fully mature at a comparable period as wheat.
  • Adds 11 seed goods that are available in tall grass.
  • Adds 16 crop foods. These things give small and short buffs.
  • Adds 4 crop goods: Cotton balls, hemp fibers,>Rope yarn,> Rope Strand.
  • Provides rope to Minecraft.
  • Craftable dishes of fruit/vegetables each possess their own unique group of benefits.
  • A lot of configuration options!

Crystal Forest information:

  • Glowing blue grass when groundcover will be disabled.
  • Lighting and Dark glowing blue crystal trees.
  • Lighting and Dark glowing blue crystal stones.
  • Focus-crystals spawn underground.
  • All crystal blocks glow (as proven)


Forgotten Nature Mod

Leaves and blossoms added.

Forgotten Nature Mod

Saplings additional.

Forgotten Nature Mod

Crops additional.

Tested recipes:

How exactly to install Forgotten Character Mod for Minecraft:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Forgotten Character Mod
  • Put zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it. In the event that you dont possess a mods folder, generate one
  • Done



  • Added brand-new material for equipment and armor. Semi-magic formula could still make use of recipe mods to discover
    Can be disabled needless to say.
  • Fixed over twelve bugs.
  • Can craft ice with four snowfall blocks.
  • Indexed new stair IDs jointly.

For Minecraft 1.6.2



Other Variations:

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For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.5


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