What it does?How to install Fly Skywards Mod:Mod Download Links What it does? It works in Singleplayer and Multiplayer but some servers will stop the mod and in singleplayer you need to exit the menu before the effect! In multiplayer this will work if there is no anti flying / speed things but also if

Fly Skywards Mod

What it can?

Fly Skywards Mod

It functions in Singleplayer and Multiplayer however, many servers will minimize the mod and in singleplayer you should exit the menus prior to the effect!

In multiplayer this can work when there is no anti flying / rate things but additionally if allow-trip=false in the server config you will likely be kicked when working with it but you ought to be fine if you simply reconnect.

How exactly to install Fly Skywards Mod:

  • Open up the brand new launcher and make certain the edition 1.7.4 of Minecraft will there be.
  • Click Edit User profile in the launcher, after that open the overall game directory.
  • Go in to the subfolder versions.
  • Rename the folder for the edition you require to another thing. In this illustration, rename 1.7.4 to at least one 1.7.4_SKYFLY.
  • Open up the 1.6.4_Modded folder.
  • Rename 1.7.4.jar to at least one 1.7.4_SKYFLY.jar.
  • Rename 1.7.4.json to at least one 1.7.4_SKYFLY.json.
  • Open 1.7.4_SKYFLY.json with the textual content editor and replace id:1.7.4 with id:1.7.4_SKYFLY, save the document and close up it.
  • Open 1.7.4_SKYFLY.jar having an archiver (want winrar) and duplicate and replace the bce.class with the main one from the mod
  • Delete META-INF and near the archiver.
  • Begin the brand new launcher.
  • Click Edit User profile
  • In Use Edition, select 1.7.4_SKYFLY.
  • Click Conserve Profile.
  • Utilize the 1.7.4_SKYFLYprofile
  • Login and play as regular.




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