Adds more rods, fish, boats, and more! This mod is designed to increase the variety of fish as well as further develop the fishing in Minecraft. Currently this mod adds 9 new fish Fish Behavior Pay very close attention to this section, as it will give you clues on where to fish. Each type of

Fishing Craft Mod

Adds even more rods, seafood, boats, and much more!

This mod is made to increase the selection of fish along with further develop the angling in Minecraft. Presently this mod provides 9 new seafood

Seafood Behavior

Pay extremely close focus on this section, since it will provide you with clues on where you can fish.

Each kind of fish includes a different behavior in accordance with minecraft biomes and items. Catfish have a tendency to loaf around in shaded, shallow parts of swamps, but occasionally turn out during rainy times. Salmon are located roaming rivers of mild-temperature locations. Bluegills are located frequently in swamps, and Carp are located commonly well, just about everywhere. The rarest of the seafood will be the Suckerfish , which are located near weedy river banking institutions. Bass are located in mild-temp rivers, but are just captured with worms. Pike are located in humid rivers, and so are caught through the use of Bluegills as bait.

Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna , the only deep ocean fish, are caught through the use of Bluegills as bait.
Squid now just spawn in Sea biomes.

When you have the Plenty of Foods mod installed, you can even catch the fish additional by that mod, proven below.

It is possible to catch Single by beaches. Tropical Salmon are recognized to remain by beaches aswell, but just bite when worms are employed as bait. Hake are usually caught in the sea when working with Bluegill as bait. Trout swim in mild-temperature rivers and so are caught just with worms. And finally, Golden Seafood are available strong within the cave techniques and also have an extremely uncommon potential for biting. In addition they bite only once worms are usually on the hook.


The player includes a chance of getting an illness if eating raw seafood. You need to cook the seafood or fish meats to get full hp advantages. Eating a natural or cooked fish may also produce seafood bones, that you can craft into bonemeal.

Fish Additional

  • Bluegill
  • Catfish
  • Salmon
  • Carp
  • Suckerfish
  • Bass
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Bluefin Tuna
  • Pike
  • Goldfish
  • Little Piranha
  • Peacock Bass

Rods Additional

  • Wooden FLY ROD (replaces the vanilla fly rod)
  • Reinforced FLY ROD (doubly strong as wooden fly rod)

Tested recipes:


Baiting Rods:

Deep Sea Seafood:

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Angling Craft Mod zip document
  • Put Angling Craft Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done



Content material:

  • Added goldfish, that have a chance to be captured in swamps when working with frog eggs as bait.
  • Additional red-bellied piranha and peacock bass, which may be captured in the jungle.
  • Added seafood morsels as bait, which may be built from tuna strips.
  • Additional frog eggs as bait, which may be gathered from weeds.
  • Additional a fresh underwater weed block, which spawns in rivers and swamps.

Bug Fixes:

  • Finished the fly rod mechanisms, enabling baited angling rods to take harm.
  • Fixed a concern where you could not really bait broken rods

Other / Small Additions:

  • Rewrote several class files for corporation purposes.
  • Relocated the fishing area of pike to tundra rivers.
  • Additional the tool busting sound when the wood rod snaps.
  • Now you can see what bait will be on your hook once you cast your rod.
  • New textures.
  • When there is no seafood to catch within an region, the bobber won't bob (Before this modification just a carp would bite where additional seafood didnt).
  • Relocated the fishing place of carp to forests.
  • Additional the ability to notice what bait will be on your own rod by hovering the computer mouse on the item.
  • Temporarily removed PLENTY OF Food compatibility.
  • Added mcmod.details file.
  • Virtually all fish need bait now.
  • Removed Squid repair.

For Minecraft 1.5.2



For Minecraft 1.4.7



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