Features: All wooden items can be used to craft regular wooden items. To create Tools just use Breeze Sticks instead of regular ones. Create armor the same way you always do. Gems can also be used to make block versions of it. Warning Dragon spawner dangerous Screenshots and Recipes: Mobs Biome Structures Other New Dimension

FinalCraft Mod


  • All wood items may be used to craft regular wooden products.
  • To generate Tools just make use of Breeze Sticks rather than regular ones.
  • Create armor exactly the same way you constantly do.
  • Gems could also be used to make block variations of it.
  • Caution Dragon spawner harmful

Screenshots and Tested recipes:


Display Spoiler Penguin

Drops Seafood and MelonBerry


Drops Rotten flesh


Drops dragon egg


Present Spoiler Breeze Biome

Lively Biome

Plenty of flowers and bright shades

Lifeless Biome

Theres nothing at all.I can`t think it is.


Display Spoiler Dragons Tower(just spawns in the lifeless biome)

Little Barn(spawns in the dessert)

Little Shack( spawns in the tundra)

Small Steady


Present Spoiler

New Dimension Avrae

Display Spoiler

Present Spoiler

  • ColeenPick:100 use
  • ColeenAxe:100 use
  • ColeenSword:100 make use of 4 hearts
  • ColeenShovel:100 use
  • ColeenHoe:100 use
  • FindoniPick:200 use
  • FindoniAxe:200 use
  • FindoniSword:200 make use of 5 hearts
  • FindoniShovel:200 use
  • FindoniHoe:200 use
  • KaylerPick:400 use
  • KaylerAxe:400 use
  • KaylerSword:400 use
  • KaylerShovel:400 use
  • KaylerHoe:400 use
  • MatrionPick:600 use
  • MatrionAxe:600 use
  • MatrionSword:600 make use of 6 hearts
  • MatrionShovel:600 use
  • MatrionHoe:600 use
  • NeilePick:800 use
  • NeileAxe:800 use
  • NeileSword;800 use 8 hearts
  • NeileShovel:800 use
  • NeileHoe:800 use
  • ThrimundPick: 1000 use
  • ThrimundAxe: 1000 use
  • ThrimundSword: 1000 make use of 10 hearts
  • ThrimundShovel: 1000 use
  • ThrimundHoe: 1000 use
  • TurinceAxe: 1200 use
  • TurincePick: 1200 use
  • TuricneSword: 1200 make use of 12 hearts
  • TurinceShovel: 1200 use
  • TurinceHoe: 1200 use
  • ZamanickAxe: 1600 use
  • ZamanickPick: 1600 use
  • ZamanickSword: 1600 make use of 15 hearts
  • ZamanickShovel: 1600 use
  • ZamanickHoe: 1600 use
  • ColeenArmor:Fragile
  • FindoniArmor:Okay
  • KaylerArmor:Great
  • MatrionArmor:Much better
  • NeileArmor:Good
  • ThrimundArmor:Solid
  • TurinceArmor:Incredible
  • ZamanickArmor:Awesome

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download FinalCraft Mod
  • Put FinalCraft Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it. In the event that you dont possess a mods folder, generate it
  • Done




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