This is a set of server side mod that adds useful commands such as “/warp”, “/setspawn” and functions like “login”, “permissions”, “protection” to Vanilla/Lan Servers that can’t use any bukkit plugin. Core: Teleport: Login: Protection: Permission: Installation: 1.Install Minecraft Forge 2.Put the content of fihgu’s core mod into .jar file. 3.Drop all other mods into

Fihgus Command Mods for Vanilla Server

It is a set of server aspect mod that adds helpful commands such as for example /warp, /setspawn and features like login, permissions, security to Vanilla/Lan Servers that cant make use of any bukkit plugin.


Present Spoiler Primary mod should be installed in to the your .jar document.
or other mods might not are expected.

/mods Lists the mods on the server
/colors Adds colour to a chat information (For instance: ^yellow )


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This mod enables you to as well as your pal warps around your server such as a wizard.

The amount of homes could be set by way of a player can be transformed in /.minecraft/fihgu/teleport/config.txt.


warp / / warps one to a player/ area / global warp for worldwide/place warping the warp.area permission is necessary
setwarp sets a worldwide warp location
delwarp deletes a worldwide warp location
y accepts a warp/summon demand from another player. Could be overridden by the warp.ignorerequest authorization
n denies a warp/summon demand from another player. Could be overridden by the warp.ignorerequest authorization
back again warps you back again to the final warp location or passing away point. To be able to warp back again to your last demise point the deathback authorization is necessary
setspawn allows modification of the servers spawn stage.
spawn warps you back again to the spawn stage
sethome sets a house location (if home title wasnt given, it'll use home automagically)
house warps you back again to the house location
delhome deletes a house
top warps one to the highest stage of the terrain. Convenient so you can get out of a mine/dungeon rapidly

Speical Authorization:
allow player to utilize /warp or /warp

Speical Authorization: warp.ignorerequest
allow a new player warp to or even summon another participant without them accepting.

Speical Authorization: deathback
allow a new player use /back again to teleport back again to where he simply died.


Present Spoiler this mod places a password on your own character so other folks cant wreck havoc on you.
PS: You'll only end up being asked for password as soon as so long as you dont modification your IP.

/sign up registers you on the server when logging set for the 1st time
/login Logs you in to the server if your IP adjustments.
/logoff sign faraway from this personal computer(IP).


Display Spoiler Gamers can lock a block or a location, so just himself and who he elect to talk about it with may edit/use that block/region.

make use of /lock to lock.
and /talk about to talk about.
make use of /setregion to lock a location

Note that in the event that you /lock a upper body, just the block you locked is usually lock. others can nevertheless open that upper body by right simply clicking another block the upper body provides, so lock both block!

speical authorization: bypasslock
Allows a player disregard others lock and edit them from his will.


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Server Proprietors can limite what instructions a player may use by modifying the config document belongs compared to that player.

these config files can be found at fihgu/authorization/

in the file, @team indicates this player/team contains all authorization the team owns.
adding the ! before a permisssion will deny that authorization, even though the player/group gets the same permission result from other groups.


  • addgroup Provides a permission team
  • addpermission Provides user a particular permission
  • addpermissiongroup Generates a new permission team
  • delpermission Removes a particular permission from the user
  • delpermissiongroup Gets rid of a permission team
  • joingroup Adds a new player to an organization
  • delgroup Removes a new player from the group
  • leavegroup Allows a new player to leave a particular group

Set up:

  • 1.Install Minecraft Forge
  • 2.Put this content of fihgus key mod into .jar document.
  • 3.Drop all the mods into /mods folder.
  • 4.Enjoy.

How exactly to install Primary:

  • First open up your .jar document with winrar.
  • Then copy all of the content inside the primary zip, and paste them in to the .jar file.

How exactly to install other areas:

  • Duplicate them into .minecraft/mods/.
  • In the event that you dont possess that folder, you should install forge and operate your video game once.

For Minecraft 1.5.2



For Minecraft 1.4.7




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