RuneCraftory is the name of the collection of mods inspired by the popular RPGs: Rune Factory & Harvest Moon. Each of these mods can be installed individually, or used together as one for a unique Minecraft experience. FarmCraftory is a mod that adds various farming tools, crops, and a simplified cooking system to Minecraft. Recipes:

FarmCraftory Mod

RuneCraftory may be the title of the assortment of mods motivated by the favorite RPGs: Rune Factory & Harvest Moon. Each one of these mods could be installed separately, or used jointly as one for a distinctive Minecraft experience.

FarmCraftory is really a mod that adds different farming equipment, crops, and a simplified cooking food program to Minecraft.

Tested recipes:

Crops and Farming

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FarmCraftory provides 13 fresh seeds and crops into Minecraft. Some crops are usually single-harvest and yield only 1 fruit or veggie after being destroyed. Additional crops are usually multi-harvest and yield two fruits or veggies after getting destroyed. Seeds are available in tall grass in virtually any biome.

  • Turnip One Harvest
  • Cabbage Solitary Harvest
  • Onion Individual Harvest
  • Spinach One Harvest
  • Leek Solitary Harvest
  • Cucumber Multi Harvest
  • Tomato Multi Harvest
  • Corn Multi Harvest
  • Eggplant Multi Harvest
  • Environment friendly Pepper Multi Harvest
  • Yam Multi Harvest
  • Strawberry Multi Harvest
  • Pineapple Multi Harvest

These seeds can only just be within tallgrass by crafting brand-new tool known as a Sickle and deploying it to decrease tall grass. Sickles could be made from Wood, Rock, Iron, Gemstone, or Gold. Each kind of sickle gets the same drop price, but higher quality sickles have significantly more durability.

Another farming tool in your brand-new arsenal is a magnifier. This item can be used to examine crops to get information regarding that specific crop. Information shown are usually:

  • Title of the crop
  • Current development stage
  • Crop Yield amount
  • Seed Yield amount
  • Fertilized or unfertilized


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FarmCraftory now runs on the simplified cooking system. Forget about needing to remember recipes no more needing to wait to prepare. How simple could it be to utilize? Really simple. In the event that you hover over the title of the recipe on the proper, youll get a set of substances on the left aspect.

Very first craft a Cooking area Blender, stick it down, and ideal click to start the menu.

In the event that you only have a few of the ingredients, the things you have could have their title in white as the missing items title will stay grayed out.

When you have the all the components in your stock, the recipe title will turn white (yellowish when hovering) and be clickable.

If you click on the title of the recipe, the things in your stock will be taken out and youll get the output in exchange.

Empty cup recipe:

Cup of milk recipe:

Set up:

For Minecraft 1.6.1 or more

How exactly to install for Single Gamer/LAN:

  • Download and open the brand new Minecraft Forge Installer.jar
  • Select Install client, make certain the .minecraft directory is correct, and press Okay
  • Press OK once again after install completes
  • Open up the state Minecraft Launcher and either go for Forge under User profile or develop a New Profile and choose Forge under Use Edition
  • Click Have fun with and verify Minecraft provides loaded successfully
  • Close Minecraft, location the data files inside the /mods/ folder, and reopen
  • Youre accomplished!

For Minecraft 1.5.2 and below

How exactly to install for Single Participant/LAN:

  • Head to your .minecraft folder and open up /bin/ folder
  • Open up minecraft.jar with WinRAR
  • Download and duplicate the Forge API documents to the minecraft.jar
  • Location the inside the /mods/ folder
  • Youre carried out!

How exactly to install for Multiplayer (SMP):

  • Head to your specified server folder
  • Open up minecraft_server.jar with WinRAR
  • Download and duplicate the Forge API data files to the minecraft_server.jar
  • Location the inside the /mods/ folder
  • Youre completed!

For Minecraft 1.6.2



For 1.6.1



For Minecraft 1.5.2


For 1.4.7/1.4.6




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