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What Factorization Mod will?

Factorization Mod adds minimalist components for growing vanilla redstone automation, alongside a great many other things.

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Factorization Mod

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Factorization Mod

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Display Spoiler First Tools & Devices

The Pocket Crafting Desk

Did someone order a 3�3 crafting grid to proceed? Craft straight from your inventory, anytime! Press c to utilize. Of course, youll need to clear out that additional junk in your stock before you can utilize it. But dont get worried; with this particular mod, that wont be considered a problem for long! For those who have NEI set up, you may use it during other GUIs. In the event that you push the c essential with the window open up, it'll drag and rotate the things around the perimeter. In the event that you push the b key, it'll balance that stacks. The x crucial will try to very clear the crafting region.

The Almighty Barrel
Predicated on item-stockpiling technology uncovered in the lately abandoned Fortress of Nod Semor , the barrel can shop 64 stacks of an individual item style. Never fill a upper body with cobblestone once again!

Right click on a barrel having an item to fall it in; left-click on to remove. Double-correct clicking will dump all the matching products in your inventory right into a barrel, remaining-click will draw a stack out, and shift-left click on will pull out an individual item.

Is 64 stacks not nearly sufficient for the cobblegen? Theres an update for that

The Crafting Devices
The crafting automation tools within certain other mods helps make automatic crafting much too easy. This crafting program has two devices, the Maker and the Stamper. These machines have to be utilized with (for instance!) RedPowers tube program to make them in fact be automatic.

The Maker makes craftpackets. That is fueled by document, which goes into the bottom slot. You then need to choose which crafting slots products will go in. Location items in the very best slot to place those items right into a craftpacket. Whenever there are items in every the chosen slots, the craftpacket will undoubtedly be moved to the proper slot. If the craftpacket can be blue, that means it could be designed into something.

Location craftpackets in the still left slot of stamper to craft the packet. In the event that you location an invalid or incomplete craftpacket in, the contents will undoubtedly be dumped to another slot. You can even put in, for instance, bones to obtain bonemeal. In case a recipe has several results, such as for example for making cake, the rest of the used ingredients will undoubtedly be placed into the result slot.

This is one way you may make an axe.

This is a simple sword machine. Push button, obtain sword!

There's another crafting device, the Packager, that will try crafting a 3�3 or 2�2 grid filled with whatever product you give it. That is quite useful for immediately making bricks and metallic storage blocks.

Silver Ore
This mod adds silver ore. It could be discovered between y-degree 7 and 55. It creates in fairly huge blobs that are larger than coal veins. Nevertheless, it really is somewhat rare. Only 1 silver ore vein are available in a chunk, & most chunks dont possess one.

The Slag Furnace

The slag furnace works much like the vanilla furnace, but comes with an extra result slot. In addition, it uses two times the fuel. For some ores, it will make an ingot with a minimal potential for making two rather than one, and in addition some rock. Silver ore can make silver ingots and prospect ingots. Silver can be used for mirrors, and guide is used for electric wiring.

Gemstone Shards
The recipe for Gemstone Shards is quite expensive and volatile. Gemstone Shards can only just be safely developed in a Stamper. (You may make the Craft Packet straight from a crafting desk.)

(This image is old, it today provides 18 shards)

Electric Cost

The electricity program in this mod is named Charge . The initial electrical component is really a battery. Batteries are created with acid, business lead, and iron.

The very first thing related to a battery is by using it to produce a magnet. To achieve that, we need some cable

and an iron ingot. Wrap the wires round the iron bar, and link both finishes to the battery to magnetize the iron:

This can drain very much of the energy from the battery, but therell be adequate left to magnetize another iron bar. To recharge the battery, well have to create a solar turbine, and some mirrors.
To help make the turbine, properly need a electric motor, and a enthusiast. Magnets are essential, and several insulated coils. Slag all that silver ore! Youll make use of much of your prospect making coils.

To strength the solar turbine, you should employ the silver to craft several mirrors.

Youll have to place a great number of them round the solar turbine. The turbine itself requirements access to water, therefore make an infinite drinking water supply beneath it.

That is nearly the most of mirrors you may use:

Back again to wires :

Wires could be operate up walls, but should be supported by a strong block. Youll should also place some wire to debate corners. It is possible to place a wire along with another wire to get this done. If you dont just like the method a cable looks, you can test replacing it while keeping shift.

You can gauge the cost in wires (and in other activities) utilizing the Cost Meter :

This will demonstrate how much cost is certainly in the block you clicked on. It could also give other details.

Devices and Ore Processing

Most of these devices require charge to perform. Heres a lot of crafting recipes:

The heater ought to be placed close to a furnace, a slag furnace, or perhaps a crystallizer. It'll provide temperature to the furnaces, and can heat the answer in the crystallizer. It requires about 5 mirrors to perform a heater. It is possible to put several heaters by way of a block to pump additional heat involved with it. This will ensure it is reach max temp quicker, and run quicker.

The grinder will grind ores. This is actually the start of the complete ore processing chain. It requires 11 mirrors to obtain it started, as soon as its at full acceleration, only needs fifty percent the power. Acquiring the Black Iron Ingot is referred to in Demons and Wrath.

The mixer mixes up various materials with drinking water. It needs just 2 mirrors to perform.

The crystallizer should be heated up with a heater, nonetheless it only for a short period of time. From then on, it should be left only to cool off because the crystal forms. This technique takes 20 minutes. In the event that you put more materials in the excess slots, they'll crystallize in parallel. Allowing you process around five stacks simultaneously within a crystallizer.

Ore digesting enables you to get additional ingot yields from your own ores, which range from 120% (using only a slag furnace) to 300% (using several methods, ending with crystalline steel). This steps use Iron, Gold, Lead (the principal metallic in Silver Ore ), and in addition Copper and Tin.

This obtained formatted badly. MCF must lern2table. Somebody who isnt me can correct it.

Ore The block you understand and love. Smelt: 100% Slag: 120%

Grind in a Grinder

Ore Gravel Ground up by sharpened diamond shards, it really is now ready for more processing. Smelt: 140% Slag: 160%

Clean with water from the bucket in a Mixer

Clear Gravel Many silicates along with other natural contaminates have already been washed off the ore. Smelt: Nevertheless 140%

Reduce in a Slag Furnace

Decreased Chunks The ore has already been deoxydized, and is fairly clean. Smelt: 200%

Purify in a Crystallizer making use of Sulfuric Acid

Crystalline Steel The metal has already been dissolved in acid, heated, and cooled slowly, allowing the development of a metallic crystal. No impurities remain. Simply smelt it to obtain an ingot. Smelt: 300%

Heres how exactly to crystallize guide:

You dont have to process completely! You can stop once you want. However the farther you move, the better yields you'll get.


Most of these recipes need access to a completely stocked Nether Fortress.
The Wrath Igniter

Wrathfire is an extremely special sort of fire. It will just burn on the market you clicked on, and can spread very quickly onto it. Plant components will burn up, obsidian will liquify into lava once again, ice will vaporize immediately, and different forms of stone along with other components can be changed into another and back. Once the fire dies, it'll leave behind a whole load of normal fire, that is much much less picky in what it burns, therefore beware. You can find two particularly essential fuels for Wrathfire: Netherbrick, and iron blocks. Netherbrick won't be burned off: rather, the Wrath Fire won't spread, and will be kindled eternal. By using this home, a Wrath Forge could be built.

A Wrath Forge will need some netherbrick, if not the Wrath Fire will die out. Putting fuels, such as for example Iron Blocks, close to the Wrath Fire will burn off it, but may also weaken the fire. If the fire becomes fragile enough, it'll be extinguished.

Darkish Iron
Burning an iron prevent with Wrath Fire will depart behind a Darkish Iron prevent. This block could be uncrafted into 4 Darkish Iron ingots. This steel is apparently Ender-aligned, and has several good uses.

The Item Router
The Item Router is an extremely flexible, very powerful device. Making it requires another material Nether Fortresses supply: blaze powder, that is necessary for a watch of Ender.

The Router is really a block that generates an item delivery system out of blobs of devices that are all close to eachother. (Why by machine is really a block which has a permanent stock, such as a upper body or furnace.) The router will visit each device and possibly take or provide a single item, according to the mode occur the GUI. It is possible to change what path the machine will be accessed from, or it is possible to access a specific product slot.

THAT Router has a amount of upgrades which can be put on it by shift-right-clicking the router with that in hand. This can add a key in the GUI, that you can press to check out each upgrade. To eliminate an upgrade, push Delete while hovering the computer mouse on the button.

Item Filtration system
This lets you select what what to extract from machines. This improve does nothing at all in insertion setting.

Machine Filtration system
This lets you select what machines to gain access to. In the default setting, visit all, devices that dont complement will you need to be skipped over. In go to near setting, the router won't go through non-matching machines. For instance, if its place to complement only chests, a system setup like router upper body furnace chest is only going to access the initial chest. You won't even look at night furnace. In check out all mode, it'll go to both chests, but in any other case disregard the furnace.

Speed Increase

This can ease a few of the journeying and searching swiftness restrictions on the router. That is useless for small systems.


This upgrade can make the router wait around at a device until it really is completely complete or empty.


This will result in the router to go entire stacks at the same time instead of single products.


This enhance will send received products into an adjacent stock. It'll need to be coupled with a machine filtration system to prevent infinite product cycling.

Logic Matrices
The Logic Matrix is established in a crystallizer utilizing a new compound, Inverium. They're used to craft some of the more superior upgrades. To produce a blank logic matrix, you should crystallize a block of lapis lazuli having an Inverium droplet with drinking water from a drinking water bottle. This blank slate should be programmed utilizing a Logic Matrix Programmer, that is a historical code repository. They are, presently, within dungeons.

The Wrath Lamp
This lamp will light an enormous area!

The Wrath Lamps pretty lovely! It lighting up a reasonably large area as vivid as time. Itll fill an enormous region around it with glowstone-quality light, which lighting will flood downward around 30 blocks. Crafting it'll only slightly harm the igniter.

The Handbag of Keeping
The Bag of Keeping can store elements of your inventory for you personally. The BoH movements the columns to the proper of it into itself, and replaces them with columns which were currently inside it. When you initially craft it, it'll store just 3 columns.

Press ` anytime to place your inventory in to the BoH and draw other stuff out. You can include another column of storage space to the BoH by crafting it having an enderpearl, a darkish iron ingot, and some leather.

Where to put your Handbag of Holding depends upon just how many columns it shops! A new BoH is going in the 4th column from the proper; this way the positioning of items wont modification as you utilize `.

Specifically, youll desire to place the handbag such that the amount of stock columns it shops is really a multiple of the amount of columns to its correct.

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