Items/Blocks:Mod Spotlight:Download Links Wouldn’t it be nice to carry around and compactly store large quantities of items safely wherever you go in Minecraft? Don’t you agree? If you do, keep reading. Items/Blocks: Iron Rod Extradimensional Focus: Glowing Diamond Extradimensional Link Item Saver Capsule Extradimensional Chest Extradimensional Item Saver Extradimensional Crafting Table Mod Spotlight: How to

Extradimensional Item Storage Mod

Wouldnt it be nice to transport around and compactly shop large levels of items properly wherever you move in Minecraft? Dont you concur? Should you choose, keep reading.


Iron Rod

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Who understood bashing jointly two iron ingots would demonstrate therefore useful? By this sensitive procedure you have were able to invent a rod durable enough to span sizes.

Extradimensional Concentrate:

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By focusing the energy of an ender pearl by way of a cup and golden casing, now you can lock Extradimensional Chests for an extra security!

Lock an Extradimensional upper body by shift-right simply clicking it with a concentrate

Unlock the chest by shift-best clicking having an empty hand

Glowing Gemstone

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Apparantly rolling a diamond in a few glowstone dust helps it be glow. Dont get worried, its safe. I believe. The radiation may be an issue though.

Extradimensional Hyperlink

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Strapping a glowing gemstone and an Extradimensional concentrate onto an Iron Rod you find a strategy to link measurements for advanced storage space.

Item Saver Capsule

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Taping some gllowing diamonds to an Extradimensional Concentrate and wrapping the whole lot in purple wool appears to create an superb method for carrying numerous Item Savers while maintaining precious hotbar space free of charge.

It appears these capsules are powered by the same principle because the Item Savers themselves wherein the contents are usually always safe.

Managing your Item Saver Capsule:

  • Crouch correct click to open up the capsule
  • Crouch and scroll while keeping the capsule to improve the selected product
  • Right click to utilize the chosen Item Saver
gong8deng gong8deng gong11deng gong16deng Extradimensional Upper body gong17deng gong13deng gong20deng gong21deng gong22deng gong7deng Display Spoiler gong8deng gong23deng gong11deng OR gong13deng gong11deng Fitting an Extradimensional Connect to a upper body, some wool and redstone, you have were able to successfully hook up to other dimensions where you might store your products! gong13deng gong11deng This new chest shops a fairly generous 104 item stacks (13 columns x 8 rows) and an additional benefit super cool features! gong13deng gong11deng Hint: try putting things in to the extra slot! gong13deng gong11deng Upper body inventory GUI: gong13deng gong11deng Chest on the planet and Bag at hand gong13deng gong8deng gong8deng gong11deng gong16deng Extradimensional Item Saver gong17deng gong13deng gong20deng gong21deng gong22deng gong7deng Display Spoiler gong8deng gong23deng gong11deng Please note an Extradimensional Item Saver could be crafted making use of any color of wool. gong13deng gong11deng The color of wool selected corresponds to that Saver you recieve! gong13deng gong11deng For example, Glowing blue: gong13deng gong11deng This thing rocks !! It will permit you to carry 104 product stacks wherever you move! But the amazing doesnt end there, no sir. gong13deng gong11deng There are always a total of 16 colors available (16 wools -> 16 Bags) to work with, and each participant has their very own corresponding inventories for every color. Its like those additional bags from some swap mod, but much better because because they are

Still even more awesome though, therefore dont scroll away however! The things you store will remain with you through everyting. Death, losing your Product Saver, dying, posting your Product Saver, dying, getting the Product Saver stolen, dying even more youll never remove them. at least and soon you get rid of them from that Saver Then you can certainly

Dont forget to use using this in various areas in the Extradimensional Upper body!

THAT Savers stock GUI and all of the bag colours/products:

Extradimensional Crafting Desk

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This amazing block enables you to craft, shop things, craft even more, then store more items! Who doesnt like that!



Mod Spotlight:

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.



  • Set Item Saver Tested recipes

For Minecraft 1.6.4



For Minecraft 1.7.2




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