Installation:Download Links Extra Trees is a new Minecraft mod by Binnie, author of Extra Bees. It extends the Forestry tree breeding system with over 75 new tree species, along with new logs and fruits. From these logs there are 34 new wood planks to construct your houses and castles with. The woodworker allows you to

Extra Trees Mod

More Trees is a fresh Minecraft mod by Binnie, writer of More Bees. It extends the Forestry tree breeding program with over 75 brand-new tree species, alongside fresh logs and fruits. From these logs you can find 34 new wooden planks to create your homes and castles with. The woodworker enables you to mix planks into over 70 intricate patterns. After that you can rotate these blocks in virtually any of 24 achievable rotations, enabling you to create any design you would like. Gleam lumbermill to be able to obtain helpful byproducts of woodcutting such as for example sawdust and tree bark.


  • 75 New Tree Species, which includes hemlocks, yews, ashes, alders, rowans, beeches and more.
  • All trees could be bred from the four vanilla trees utilizing the tree breeding program in Forestry.
  • The Arborist Database can help you keep an eye on genomes, mutations as well as your improvement to tree mastery.
  • 34 wooden planks in a variety of hues, which may be utilized interchangably with other wooden planks.
  • Craft stairs, gates, fences, facades and 4 forms of wooden doorway from all the different woods to complement the planks.
  • Also adds custom made fences, gates and doorways for another vanilla planks, forestry planks and EBXL planks.
  • 39 brand-new fruits and nuts, each entirely on another tree. Help you to ultimately apricots, crabapples, pecans and brazil nuts.
  • Utilize the woodworker to craft planks from vanilla, Forestry, Extrabiomes XL and further Trees into patterned blocks.
  • 72 various patterns, from different diagonal and curved outlines to creeper faces and geometric styles.
  • Rotate these blocks around each encounter, for a complete of 24 orientations.
  • This outcomes in a complete of 7,300,800 combos of woodworker blocks, therefore let your creativity go wild!
  • Utilize the panelworker to generate woodworker panels which can be positioned on block faces without changing the complete block.
  • Get additional planks, sawdust, wooden bark along with other byproducts by throwing your logs through the lumbermill.

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and install Forestry Mod
  • Download More Trees Mod
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar document in to the .minecraft/mods folder. If one will not exist you can generate one.
  • Done

For 1.6.2/1.6.4


For Minecraft 1.5.2



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