What does mod do?Mod Spotlight:Mod Download Links What does mod do? The Extra Dimensional Mod adds more variety to The Nether and The End. When explore both of these areas you will experience new challenges because there are many new mobs! You will also notice new ores which you can use to make new gear.

Extra Dimensional Mod

What does mod perform?

THE EXCESS Dimensional Mod adds even more range to The Nether and THE FINISH. When explore both these areas you'll experience new problems because there are lots of new mobs! Additionally, you will notice new ores used to make new equipment.




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Onyx Ore

Onyx ore may be the most typical of the Nether ores. It really is simply the Iron of the Nether. It creates up to degree 100 in deposits of eight ores, which means you should have no issue finding it. It could be used to produce a device set, an armor fixed, and a ornamental block.

The ore, device set, armor arranged, block and gem is seen in the image.

Soul Ore:

Soul ore may be the main component to make an effective Soul Furnace that is utilized to Forge spawn eggs. This ore is situated in deposits of soul sand, and may be mined for just one soul, that may then be utilized with a bucket of bloodstream for a soul in a bucket of bloodstream.

The ore also acts as a source of light.

The ore and soul are proven in the image.

Nether Crystal Ore:

Nether Crystal may be the most effective of the Nether ores, it is therefore the rarest of these. When mined the ore will fall one Nether Crystal, if you don't have got Fortune or the Silk Contact, in which particular case it will offer you even more gems or the ore respectively. The ore generates to degree 100 like onyx, but is six periods as rare. It could be used to create an armor set, an instrument set, and a ornamental block.

Because of the material being large, the device set can only just be designed with Nether Quartz sticks, which may be made from placing eight Nether Quartz around a stay in a crafting desk.

The Crystal, ore, device set, armor established and block is seen in the image.

Glowing Ore:

This ore could be mined for a glow shard, or with the Silk Contact as a fancy way to obtain lighting. The glow shard could be crafted into six Glow Rock Dust or placed on top of a stay for ten torches.

The ore are available in deposits of Glow Rock, but is moderately uncommon.

The Glowing Ore and the Glowing Shard is seen in the image.

Nether Metallic Ore:

It is a quite strong, rough material. It could only be utilized for tools since it is too tough for armor. The ore are available about just as much as onyx, but generates in smaller sized deposits. It could be smelted to acquire one Nether Steel Ingot.

The ore, blocks, equipment and ingot is seen in the image.


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Ender Pearl Ore:

Any entire body ever question where Ender Pearls result from? Well this is actually the solution. This is actually the most typical of the finish ores and can become mined for an Ender Pearl.

The ore are available around level Y: 44 ultimately.

Ender Metallic Ore:

This ore is moderately rare, so when mined it drops itself. You need to smelt it in a furnace to acquire Ender Metal Ingots that may then be crafted in to the block, tool collection and armor place.

The ore generates around level 38 ultimately and will be 2.5 times rarer than Ender Pearl Ore.

Ender Gem Ore:

Happening under Y: 36 and doubly rare as Ender Steel, Ender Gems will be the most precious materials in the End. They're the rarest out of all the ores, and will usually only be discovered under or within the End Island.

Once mined they'll offer you an Ender Gem which may be designed into blocks, an armor fixed, and an instrument set.

Device Strengths:

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Onyx a material that mines extremely fast but works out rapidly, almost as an improved edition of gold having an even higher enchantability price.

Nether Crystal Very fragile but extremely sharp. It's the second fastest device in this mod, and contains a durability of 300. It comes with an even higher enchantability price than Onyx.

End Metal It is a very long lasting but very dull materials. It goes quicker than rock but slower than iron. It requires a long period to run out and contains medium enchantability.

Finish Gem The fastest device known to Steve. It could mine stone within half a 2nd, and lasts almost provided that gemstone. It has concerning the enchantability of Nether Crystal.



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This creature is an extremely moody one. It chooses to remain put in an individual region while repeatedly spewing fireballs out at Steve. You as a rule have to get up close in their mind to be effective.

They drop an essential component(The Bucket of Bloodstream) to craft the Soul in a Bucket of Bloodstream, which is useful for the Soul Furnace.

Soul Cow:

This Nether Resident is really a hybrid between a Magma Cube and a Cow (Dont request me how that occurred).

It really is known for its solid Hide and its tasty Soul Beef. End up being weary, though. If the Soul Beef isnt prepared, it includes a high possibility of causing you to VERY nauseous for a great deal of time.

The Soul Cow could be milked like a regular cow, but instead you'll get a Bucket of Bloodstream for the Soul Furnace.

They can furthermore end up being bred with Nether Warts to start out a Soul Cow farm.

They prefer to spending some time on the huge, flat areas protected in soul sand. They could be found somewhere else, but rarely because of their preferences.

Their Soul Hide could be designed into an armor arranged, that is about as solid as Iron.

Shed Soul-

This is actually the first mini-boss put into Extra Dimensional! He could be (as his title implies) a wandering spirit lacking any owner, and doesnt desire to complete his visit to the beyond.

This mob is quite strong, and I extremely encourage the average player to combat him in easy setting due to his consistency to provide out the Wither impact.

He'll spawn randomly in the Nether, and may be the rarest mob in the mod. It is possible to hear his screams from 32 blocks apart though, assisting you to if you are prepared to fight one.

Killing one could have a chance to getting you some Wither Skulls and a Nether Shard. Blend the Shards with the Nether Primary that you could craft (suggest a crafting guide-like mod for the dishes) out of some components in the Nether to secure a Nether Star.

Dont believe its a free of charge and easy solution to get a Nether Superstar though. In case you are unprepared, he'll take you by shock.


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Ender Slime:

The Ender Slime was made by two regular Slimes accidentally hopping in to the Finish Portal. Overtime they ultimately became similar to the inhabitants of the finish. They're like normal Slimes, however when killed they team into 6-8 Finish Slimes rather than the normal 2-4. When killed, they fall Dark Slime that is useless aside from the soul furnace right now.

Ender Pig:

Nobody understands how this mythological beast found its way to the finish. They act exactly like normal pigs, however they drop a lot more succulent, nourishing (and possibly harmful) meat. Natural Ender Pork includes a high potential for giving the blindness impact when eaten, but could be cooked to decrease the chances of obtaining the effect.

These Mobs may also be bred with Ender Pearls to start out a Mob Farm ultimately.

Ender Poultry:

Ender Chickens are obviously the finish exact carbon copy of Chickens. They constantly drop Ender Chicken, that is a nourishing but harmful. Factors to consider to make out all the ill results before eating it.

Rather than eggs, they provide out Ender Pearls.

They may be bred using Black Slimeballs to start out an Ender Poultry farm.

Ender Smoke:

The Ender Smoke is an extremely hostile creature. They would rather keep separate from one another because they prefer to be left only. When neared or provoked, they'll begin to fly up in to the atmosphere and shoot exploding fireballs at that person. These mobs are hard to cope with, but fall a worthy product, the Ender Smoke. The Ender Smoke may be used in a Materializer to obtain Unstable Matter.

Soul Furnace

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The Soul Furnace can be used to create Spawn Eggs in survival setting. This is exactly what the Souls and the Buckets of Bloodstream are for.

Place whatever mob drop you like(a bone for a skeleton etc.) in the very best slot, and the Soul in a Bucket of bloodstream in the bottom. It'll fuel one procedure and switch the Mob drop in to the particular Spawn Egg.




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The Materializer is really a Machine that is utilized to transform Ender Smoke into Unstable Issue.

It requires a magnetizer to energy one procedure. A magnetizer could be built from four Iron Ingots and something Ender Pearl.

You can get Ender Smoke from defeating the mob ultimately known as, properly Ender Smoke.

Unstable Matter may be used to craft non-renewable assets from the Nether and Finish.

I recommend utilizing a Crafting Guidebook mod like Craft Tutorial or INSUFFICIENT Products to have the transformation quality recipes for the Unstable Issue.


Tested recipes:

Mod Spotlight:

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one
  • Benefit from the mod



  • Additional the mini-boss in to the Nether, updated to at least one 1.6.4, added a fresh way to obtain the Nether Star (is due to the mini-boss), and changed the GUI of the Materializer and the Soul Furnace, including their brands being displayed properly.




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