How to use:Download Links This mod is a a proximity detector. Its features are: Show the current entities close to you The distance of the detection can be filtered to avoid to overload the screen. The type of entity can also be filtered in order to search for only a given type of entity. Example

Entity ProximityDetector Mod

This mod is really a a proximity detector. Its functions are: Show the existing entities in your area

The length of the detection could be filtered in order to avoid to overload the display screen.

The kind of entity may also be filtered to be able to search for just a given kind of entity.

Exemplory case of recognition:

Entity ProximityDetector Mod

This mod has already been developped with Highsteve .

How exactly to make use of:

How do you change the filtering length ?

  • By default, you may use the F essential. This setting could be altered in the ProximityDetector.settings file inside the .minecraft folder.

How do you change the sort of entity shown ?

  • By default, you may use the G important. This setting could be altered in the ProximityDetector.settings file inside the .minecraft folder.

How exactly to install:

gong21deng gong22deng Use the recognized launcher to download and begin as soon as Minecraft 1.7.5. gong23deng gong22deng Visit the minecraft foundation folder (the state launchers shows it once you click Edit User profile as Sport Directory) gong23deng gong22deng Proceed in subfolder Variations gong23deng gong22deng Rename the folder 1.7.5 to at least one 1.7.5_extra gong23deng gong22deng Proceed in the subfolder 1.7.5_additional gong23deng gong22deng Rename 1.7.5.jar to at least one 1.7.5_additional.jar gong23deng gong22deng Rename 1.7.5.json to at least one 1.7.5_additional.json gong23deng gong22deng Open up the file 1.7.5_additional.json with a textual content editor and replace id:1.7.5 withid:1.7.5_additional and save the document gong23deng gong22deng Drag and fall Entity ProximityDetector Mod jar document in 1.7.5_additional.jar mainly because usual and take away the META-INF folder from 1.7.5_additional. gong23deng gong22deng Start the state launcher gong23deng gong22deng Click on Edit Profile gong23deng gong22deng Select Use version: -> release 1.7.5_extra
  • Click Conserve Profile
  • Click Have fun with or Login to start out the game. Only if Play Offline can be acquired, after that log out and sign in again to repair it.
  • Changelogs:


    • Compatibility with minecraft 1.7.5

    For 1.7.5


    For Minecraft 1.6.4


    For Minecraft 1.6.2


    For Minecraft 1.5.2


    Other Variations:

    Present Spoiler

    For Minecraft 1.5.1


    For Minecraft 1.4.7



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