EnderOre, it will add a few ores and items in relation with the end. It is compatible with buildcraft, railcraft, forestry and industrialcraft Recipes: This mod adds two new ores in the end. Ussualy, in that world, once you’ve killed the enderdragon you can only farm enderpearls or mine some endstone.its always nice to find

EnderOre Mod

EnderOre, it'll add a several ores and products in relation with the finish. It is appropriate for buildcraft, railcraft, forestry and industrialcraft

Tested recipes:

This mod adds two brand-new ores ultimately. Ussualy, for the reason that world, as soon as youve killed the enderdragon it is possible to just farm enderpearls or mine some endstone.its always great to locate a few things whilst mining endstone:

On the still left,the ender ore and on the proper the ender coal
Finish ores can only just be mined with the gemstone pickaxe.Than youll need to smelt it :

For the finish coal, the block straight drops the coal. The fortune enchantment works with it. It could be found in a furnacle to melt 32 products :

With this particular mod, there are also a new structure ultimately. Its a finish village. You will find at the very least 3:

Youll discover in this village your very first endtree. End up being carfull, the enderdragon can destroy several products in the villages.

It is possible to craft some enderplanks with the ender logs :

Or some ender charcoal witch can last provided that the ender coal.
The planks may be used to craft some regular stairs or sticks :

Tarling concerning the finish tree, its results in are as explosions proof as obsidian, they are able to drop some end dirt (so that you can possess an infinite amound of finish ingot)
You can craft all of the tools with ender ingots or simply a block.

They have three times even more durability than diamonds equipment,they're 75 % quicker.
You can even craft an enderbow :

It really is faster, it shoots more and is even more powerfull .
The block itself can only just be droped having an enderpickaxe, not eaven ith a gemstone one.
It is also used in combination with beacons :

This mod also put in a several decoration blocks :

Of cource armors as well are added . They'll last three times longer than diamond types :


Present Spoiler Enderore works with with others mods :
listed below are the macerator recipes :

refinery recipe for ender energy :

refinery recipe for ender coolant :

sufficient reason for IC2 coolant (10k/30k/60k coolant cellular) :

Energy for combustion motor :

Good production, ditto for durability but avoid overheating!
But you may also cool down 7 periods better!


Buildcrafts combustion engines ate much better, but more threatening.Forestrys motors dont inflate.

With 5 logs, you obtain an enderfluid bukkit and 20 plancs.
Its the simplest way to obtain some enderfluid, is by using a cokeoffen :

4 logs or 2 coal for a bucket.


In your .minecraft, youll look for a config folder, open this. Inside, youll discover en EnderOre.cfg file, open up it with notepad or even notepad++
Youll have the ability to set every individual ids for the mod. For additional mods, enderore will automaticly detect their existence.

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download�EnderOre Mod zip document
  • Put�EnderOre Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done



  • Client upgrade only
  • Fixed quick and fancy consistency for the tree
  • Fixed product and bloc title



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