This mod adds very powerful tools and armour made of ender Ingots. The mod adds a couple new items and blocks, it also adds a new ore called Demonite ore. It can’t be destroyed by tnt so it is good block to build with, Demonite ore can only be mined with an endstone pickaxe so

Ender Tools and More Mod

This mod adds very powerful equipment and armour manufactured from ender Ingots. The mod provides a couple new products and blocks, in addition, it adds a fresh ore known as Demonite ore. It cant end up being destroyed by tnt so it's good block to create with, Demonite ore can only just be mined having an endstone pickaxe which means you will possess to create a trip to the finish before you mine the Demonite ore.

Ender equipment possess 3000 durability and so are way quicker than diamond tools. Furthermore Endstone equipment possess 1250 durability and also have a rate of diamond, the key reason why you will need this pickaxe over a gemstone pickaxe is basically because the Endstone pickaxe may be the only pickaxe that may mine Demonite ore. And there's a fresh boss mob known as the Ender Mage he's got 100 hearts of health insurance and he deals 5 hearts of harm every strike and he drops Ender Gems which may be crafted directly into armour and an extremely epic sword


All the items which this mod will increase Minecraft.

As you can plainly see this mod provides Ender equipment and armour and in addition Endstone tools, another products in the mod are usually Demonite Gemstone, Ender Dirt, Ender Ingots and Obsidian Sticks.

Here's what the Ender armour appears like

This is what Demonite ore appears like

Here's what The Ender Biome Appears like

This is what the Endstone armour appears like

Here's what the Ender Mage appears like

This is what the Ender Ninja appears like

Here's what Leather Chain armour appears like

This is what Ender Mage armour appears like

Tested recipes:

Present Spoiler Ender Dirt

They are the Dust types of an Ender Ingot, After that you need to place the Ender Dirt in a furnace to obtain a Ender Ingot. To create Ender Dust you'll simply need some items which are hard to obtain, one of many items that are essential is usually Ender Pearls. After simply place it in the furnace to get an
Ender Ingot

This Miracle metal can be used to make all the Ender Equipment and Armour.

As you can plainly see, the crafting dishes for several of the tools will be the exact same as vanilla, nevertheless, you want obsidian sticks rather than wood sticks.
Endstone may also be crafted directly into tools

The Armour also uses exactly the same quality recipes as vanilla. No Obsidian sticks or other components must make armor. They just need Ender ingots.

Furthermore Demonite Gemstone and Ender Ingots could be crafted directly into blocks

To create obsidian sticks you'll just want two obsidian blocks

You may also craft paxels out of Endstone and Ender Ingots

Now you can craft Endstone armour it really is just crafted exactly like vanilla minecraft

You can even craft Ender Coal which lasts method longer than regular Coal

Craft some Ender Cookies and notice what happens

Gleam Ender Flower which may be used to obtain Ender Pearls

It is possible to craft an Ender Quiver to shop all of your Arrows

It is possible to craft an Ender Monster Spawner out of 8 Ender Ingots

It is possible to craft this brand-new epic sword that may eliminate any mob in a single hit, however the crafting is quite expensive

Now you can craft chain which may be utilized to craft chain armour or Set Chain

To create Leather Chain you'll just need 1 Buckskin and 4 Chain

Now you can craft battleaxes out of Ender Ingots and Endstone

You may also craft knifes out of Ender Ingots and Endstone

You can even create spears out of Ender Ingots and Endstone

It is possible to Ender Wool which will not burn off by lava or fire so it's a good materials to create with

You may make Ender Cup which acts such as a Xray so that you can see all the cave systems

This is one way you create Ender Fabric so that you can craft the Ender Quiver

The Ender Mage armour is merely crafted exactly like vanilla minecraft but utilizing the Ender Gems

So, because you can have noticed, the various tools and armour in the mod are usually end game items plus they are rather costly to craft, for those who have plenty of ender pearls from your own trip to the finish just create some Ender Dust and switch them directly into Ender Ingots in a furnace, and you will craft epic equipment and armour which are way much better than Diamond. For those who have completed the video game and you have defeat the Ender Dragon and you also want an improved reward than simply a Dragon Egg that will not perform anything and you need another boss to combat then this is actually the mod for you personally.

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Ender Tools and much more Mod
  • Put�Ender Tools and much more Mod data files into�minecraft.jar
  • Set up Minecraft also it should work




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