Are the normal creepers too boring? Is a creeper simply exploding and destroying all the things you worked hard on not depressing enough? Well now you can have various other creepers that will make the game way more frustrating for you! Breed friendly creepers with flowers to produce this: Recipes: Here are all the recipes

Elemental Creepers Mod

Will be the normal creepers as well boring? Is really a creeper basically exploding and destroying everything you worked tough on not depressing more than enough? Well you can now have many other creepers which will make the game a lot more frustrating for you personally!

Breed helpful creepers with bouquets to create this:

Elemental Creepers Mod

Tested recipes:

Here are all of the tested recipes for spawn eggs, but Im not really going to let you know which creepers they spawn. See when you can guess all of them (some are clear, some aren't).
The recipes may also be shapeless, therefore the items could be put any place in the grid to generate them. The spawn eggs in the images are usually creeper spawn eggs

The Creepers:

Present Spoiler Fire Creeper
Spreads a big radius of fire

Drinking water Creeper
Creates a large puddle of drinking water

World Creeper
Creates a large dark brown monument

Ice Creeper
Freezes drinking water/lava and spreads snowfall

Lightning Creeper
Strikes nearby entities with lightning

Psychic Creeper
Launches all close by entities

Magma Creeper
Creates a swimming pool of lava, leaves the trail of fire since it walks. Only within the nether

Ghost Creeper
Its explosions harm/start animals as regular but doesnt destroy any blocks

Friendly Creeper
Tameable such as wolves. Feed it gunpowder to tame, feed it blooms to heal. Right-click having an empty hand to create him remain. When tamed this creeper will get a center on its upper body and comes after you around. When close sufficiently to monsters, he generates small explosions which dont harm him or you or ruin blocks.

Cookie Creeper
Explodes in a bath of cookies!!! Killing him wont yield any cookies

Illusion Creeper
When near player splits into 5 creepers just about all identical, only one 1 will explode.

Lighting Creeper
Identical to earth creeper but with glowstone.

Darkish Creeper
Destroys everything with fairly great light value inside its radius.

Reverse Creeper
Flips the blocks in its radius (types on bottom head to top, ones at the top go to base).

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Elemental Creepers Mod
  • Put Elemental Creepers Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done


If you want to change various items with the creepers, you will find a properties document in %AppData%/.minecraft/config called mod_ElementalCreepers. It includes options for almost everything in the mod, all of the creeper spawn prices, radius of impact where applicable, strength where relevant and the opportunity of ghost creepers spawning after eliminating another creeper.



  • Fixed pleasant creepers
  • Produced Daw baby helpful creepers




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