Durability101 adds a color-coded counter that shows the number of hits or uses left on tools and armor in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Unlike many other durability readout mods, Durability101 can be seen from the hotbar without mousing over items and is designed to be super compact. Features Counter changes color with the durability bar

Durability101 Mod

Durability101 adds a color-coded counter that presents the amount of hits or utilizes left on equipment and armor in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Unlike a great many other durability readout mods, Durability101 is seen from the hotbar without mousing over products and was created to be super small.


  • Counter changes colour with the durability bar to supply a better visible representation of the utilizes left
  • Small durability bar and counter
  • Durability readout is seen without needing to mouse-over inventory products
  • Toughness estimate for equipment with unbreaking enchantments
  • Normal, Huge, and Hidden display claims; push to toggle.
  • Does not need ModLoader or Forge (works on Vanilla customers)
  • ModLoader & Forge compatible edition


Normal screen mode

Durability101 Mod

Large screen mode

Durability101 Mod

Tested recipes:

Without Durability101

Durability101 Mod

With Durability101

Durability101 Mod

How exactly to install:

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For Minecraft 1.6.2

Vanilla: https://minecraft365.internet/download/Strength101-Mod-Vanilla-1.6.2.zip

Forge: https://minecraft365.net/download/Longevity101-Mod-Forge-1.6.2.zip

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Vanilla: https://minecraft365.internet/download/Resilience101-Mod-Vanilla-1.5.2.zip

Forge: https://minecraft365.net/download/Sturdiness101-Mod-Forge-1.5.2.zip

Mod Loader: https://minecraft365.net/download/Toughness101-Mod-Modloader-1.5.2.zip

Older edition:

Present Spoiler

For Minecraft 1.5.1

Vanilla: https://minecraft365.internet/download/Strength101-Mod-Vanilla-1.5.1.zip

Forge: https://minecraft365.net/download/Longevity101-Mod-Forge-1.5.1.zip

ML: https://minecraft365.net/download/Resilience101-Mod-Modloader-1.5.1.zip

For 1.5 (Vanilla compatible No Forge | No ModLoader)


For Minecraft 1.4.6

Forge edition: https://minecraft365.net/download/Toughness101-Mod-1.4.6-Forge.zip

Modloader edition: https://minecraft365.net/download/Strength101-Mod-1.4.6-Modloader.zip

Vanilla edition: https://minecraft365.net/download/Longevity101-Mod-1.4.6-Vanilla.zip

For Minecraft 1.4.5

Forge edition: https://minecraft365.net/download/Resilience101-Mod-Forge.zip

Modloader edition: https://minecraft365.net/download/Sturdiness101-Mod-Modloader.zip

Vanilla edition: https://minecraft365.net/download/Toughness101-Mod-Vanilla.zip


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