This mod adds a new ore called Duple Ore. It drops 1-2 Duple Dust. This purple dust can do mighty and powerful things! When combined with another item or block, they seem to take on the same exact characteristics and properties of the item or block they were combined with. In fact, they become whatever

DupleCraft Mod

This mod adds a fresh ore known as Duple Ore. It drops 1-2 Duple Dirt. This purple dirt can perform mighty and powerful items! When coupled with another product or block, they appear to take on exactly the same exact features and properties of that or block these were combined with. Actually, they turn out to be whatever product or block these were coupled with. Duple all of your iron! Duple all of your gold! Duple all of your diamonds! DUPLE EVERYTHING!!! You can find exceptions though virtually, only raw materials could be dupled.

The duple dust may also be crafted in to the almighty DUPLE Stay! An item once utilized by the manufacturers of the Strongholds, it could duple mobs! Craft it and strike a mob, and watcha understand, a clone of the initial! Duple all of your chickens! Duple all of your pigs! Duple all of the creepers! Duple all of your golems! DUPLE ALL OF THE MOBS!! (Gamers, of course, can't be dupled; neither can EnderDragons.) Duple sticks just have 3 uses nevertheless, so utilize them wisely.

About fusing:

Display Spoiler Fusing can be done through the crafting of a Fusing Desk. Youll probably only have the ability to craft a newcomer Fusing Table to begin with. You craft it like so

It isnt the very best it includes a 50% potential for failing and consuming the things supplied! So, once you can, improve it to a Journeyman Fusing Desk, like so

It has a significantly lower failing price at 15% . In the event that you arent content with this, then create a Master Fusing Desk, like sooo

This baby includes a 0% failing price (nonetheless it sure is costly to make). Most of these tables may use either Duple Dust (200 fuel degree) or Duple Fuel (2000 fuel degree).

Miscellaneous Fusing Dishes:

Present Spoiler Duple Ingot:

Duple Energy:

Iridian Ingot:

Enderian Ingot:


DupleCraft Mod

DupleCraft Mod

DupleCraft Mod

Quality recipes:

Duple Stay:
DupleCraft Mod

Iridian Equipment:

Enderian Equipment:

Set up:

  • Install Minecraft Forge .
  • Run customer/server, and exit off.
  • Put the duplecraft zip document in you mods document (it must be situated in your .minecraft document).
  • Run customer/server, and revel in!
  • (Only when needed) Modification the ids in the duple.cfg file in order that it works with various other mods.



  • Addition! Now you can craft duple dirt into blocks of duple dirt. You can even craft those blocks back to duple dust.
  • Add-on! Enderian swords today do 14 harm to enderman and enderdragons, two times the harm as a gemstone sword. To some other mobs, it simply does the harm of a gemstone sword.
  • Addition! Added textual content to the gui of the fusing tables.
  • Elimination! Removed the Dupling Device code because of it being buggy. After the Dupling Machine is completed, Ill include it to the mod.
  • Up-to-date to at least one 1.5.1!

For Minecraft 1.5.1



For Minecraft 1.4.7



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