What is Dungeon Crawler Mod?Mod Screenshots:Mod Recipes:Dungeon Crawler Mod Download Links What is Dungeon Crawler Mod? Ever wanted to be that one guy that survives by using paper clips? Well fret no more! This mod may not include paper clips, but it does include just about everything you need to survive in a world without

Dungeon Crawler Mod

What's Dungeon Crawler Mod?

Ever wished to be that certain guy that survives through the use of paper clips? Nicely fret forget about! This mod might not include papers clips, nonetheless it does include almost everything you have to survive in a global without the comfort and ease of having a house.

This mod runs on the meager 13 item IDs for the 39 fresh items it adds. Products added consist of weapons, armor, weapons, traps, mines, and improvised explosives! Additionally, there are new dishes to salvage components and make old products in new methods.

Theres a properties file that presently does nothing! In case you have product ID conflicts, change another mods items for the present time! The properties file will be generated in the config folder in your .minecraft directory.

Mod Screenshots:

New Products:


Present Spoiler

Five brand-new weapons:

  • Knives
  • Sharp sticks
  • Bone clubs
  • Rockshots
  • Pebbles

More of an instrument than a weapon, they are created by placing among your material of preference along with a stick. They are the best equipment for busting crafting tables and webs. Craft them with rotten flesh to obtain a raw porkchop! They are able to furthermore be used in a few crafting recipes to create them shapeless or obtain even more/better salvaged material (start to see the knife area in crafting). They'll eventually become throwable.
Rule number 1 about survival: you will need a knife.

Sharp sticks:
Can be created by crafting a stick to a knife. Its essentially a stick to the Sharpness II enchantment, nonetheless it breaks after 16 hits and cannot stack. May be used to craft spike traps.

Bone golf club:
Made by crafting the bone upon another bone or by way of a bone with the knife. Weaker when compared to a wood sword, but lasts more time and is proficient at squishing bugs.

Actually wished you could utilize those stacks of cobblestone for some reason? Shoot them at things! Craft any legitimate block with gunpowder and a rockshot and fire aside! Obviously, youll have to recraft after each shot. Valid blocks/products:

cobblestone, dust, torch, redstone torch, gravel, sand, netherrack, arrow, fire cost, TNT, soul sand, mossy cobblestone, glowstone, rock brick, iron block, easy stone, grass

This one is actually fun in creative setting.

Craft the block of gravel, obtain pebbles, throw pebbles. Crafting with a knife yields even more pebbles. Each pebble will be efficiently a snowball, except it really deals one damage (half of a coronary heart).


Display Spoiler

One fresh armor arranged:
* Bone armor

One brand-new armor ingredient:
* Chain links

Bone armor:
Armor created from bones. Less protective general than leather, but offers Projectile Safety I.

Chainmail armor:
Want armor much better than natural leather or bone, but just have just a little iron? Each iron ingot could be designed into three chain hyperlinks, which can be utilized to craft chainmail armor.

Natural leather armor:
Rotten flesh and prepared meat could be smelted into set, just be sure you do not starve yourself!


Present Spoiler

Three forms of bomb:

  • Improvised
  • �Fire
  • End

All bombs can be found in three sizes little, standard, and big. Crafting two of small size collectively makes the bigger, and crafting among the larger dimension makes two of small.
Crafting the bomb with a stress plate at the top results within the mine counterpart associated with the bomb.

Your regular explosive. The medium dimension is crafted by way of a string above two gunpowder (as an upside-down sword). All bombs are believed improvised, but they are the only real ones that obtain the title.

These are exactly like standard improvised bombs, just fiery. Crafted by way of a string on gunpowder on blaze powder.

These (type of) teleport entities in the blast radius. Crafted by way of a string on gunpowder on an ender pearl.


Display Spoiler

Four forms of mine:

  • Improvised
  • Fire
  • End
  • Gas

These could be placed in the planet and can detonate when strike, touched, as well as just shaken a touch too hard. They could be disarmed by right-clicking them with shears or perhaps a knife.
All mines have the one-time trigger impact and so are then gone forever, but could be placed efficiently.

Your regular explosive. Crafted by way of a stress plate on an imp bomb of any dimension.

These are exactly like standard improvised mines, just fiery. Crafted by way of a stress plate on a fire bomb of any dimension.

These (type of) teleport entities in the blast radius. Crafted by way of a stress plate on a finish bomb of any dimension.

These explode right into a cloud of choking gas. The cloud lingers for ten mere seconds and, obviously, impairs eyesight and suffocates entities close by.


Present Spoiler

Six forms of trap:

  • Spike
  • Poison
  • Fire
  • End
  • Launcher
  • Crippling

These could be placed in the planet by keeping down the proper mouse switch on a block and can result in when walked on. They may be disarmed by right-clicking them with shears or perhaps a knife.
All traps should be reset by right-clicking them (with anything) every time they are triggered before they could be triggered again.
In the trap pictures, the trap on the remaining is defined, and the trap on the proper has been triggered.


Your regular trap. Deals harm and gives mobs just a little bump.


The poison trap is really a spike trap, but with poison onto it! Yay?


This trap sets the bottom around it burning when triggered!


Contrary to public opinion, the end trap will not finish you, it simply teleports you someplace random, which can end you. (Doesnt focus on players presently.)


Recognized in some nations because the piston trap, the launcher trap throws entities in to the sky! Twelve blocks in to the sky, to become exact.


That is obviously not really what the trap can look like when it's finished.
Predicated on a trap designed for the mythical creature bear, the crippling trap actually hurts the ankles associated with whatever is unlucky sufficient to step onto it.

Mod Quality recipes:

New Tested recipes:

Display Spoiler All knives, swords, axes, pickaxes, shovels, bows, arrows, arrows, torches, and fishing rods could be designed with bones rather than sticks.

Good examples:

Knife crafting:

(All shapeless!)

Sharp stay:

Bone golf club:

Imp bomb:

Fire bomb:

Finish bomb:

Big imp bomb:

Pebble x 6:

Stay x 2:
(to create sticks with only 1 block of planks)

Natural pork:

Arrow x 4:
(a bone may be used rather than the stick)

Wooden sword:
(a bone may be used rather than the stick)

Rock sword:
(a bone may be used rather than the stick)

(a bone may be used rather than the stick)

(a bone may be used rather than the stick)

Loaded rockshot:
(shapeless, any ammo)

cobblestone, grime, torch, redstone torch, gravel, sand, netherrack, arrow, fire cost, TNT, soul sand, mossy cobblestone, glowstone, rock brick, iron block, clean stone, grass

Chain hyperlinks:
(just used to craft chainmail armor)

Chainmail armor:
(crafted like any armor, just helmet shown)

Bone armor:
(crafted like any armor, just helmet shown)

Imp bomb:

Fire bomb:

Finish bomb:

Smaller sized bomb x 2:
(any kind of standard- or large-sized bomb)

Larger bomb:
(any two regular- or small-sized bombs)

(any stress plate, any bomb)

Fuel mine:
(any stress plate)

Spike trap:

Poison trap:

Fire trap:
(any stress plate, coal or charcoal)

Launcher trap:
(any stress plate)

Finish trap:
(any stress plate)

Crippling trap:
(stone pressure plate just)



Present Spoiler Many products is now able to be salvaged into a few of the components utilized to craft them. Generally, these recipes add a single component.
Wood and meals salvage quality recipes (and a couple of special recipes) may also optionally add a knife this can roughly double the total amount salvaged or even provide different/better components.

special stick tested recipes
(from saplings, knife recipe is shapeless)

(from cacti, knife recipe will be shapeless)

yield salvage materials
1 ladder
2 fence
4 painting

yield salvage components
1 wooden slab x 2, wooden stairs, wooden stress plate, fence gate
2 crafting table, mattress, piston, trapdoor
3 wooden doorway, boat
4 upper body, note block, jukebox

yield salvage components
1 stone stress plate, cobblestone stairs, mossy cobblestone
4 furnace

yield salvage components
1 stone brick

Rock bricks:
yield salvage components
1 mossy rock brick, cracked rock brick, rock brick stairs

yield salvage components
3 iron door

yield salvage components
1 redstone torch
3 redstone repeater

Some other:


(snow, identical to breaking placed snowfall with a shovel)

(melons, breaking a positioned melon will typical 5 slices)

(clay, identical to breaking positioned clay)

(bookshelves, identical to breaking positioned bookshelves)

(wool, colour doesnt issue)



Display Spoiler Leather:
Any cooked meats (or rotten flesh) could be smelted into buckskin.

So you dont need to place/crack gravel a million occasions.

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.



  • Up-to-date to Minecraft 1.6.4 and 1.6.2

For 1.6.4/1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2


Other Variations:

Present Spoiler

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.7



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