Dragon Tools is a mod that adds a sweet new array of tools and armour made of ender steel. The mod adds a couple new items and blocks, as well as a new ore which only generates in the land of the dragon–The End. Dragon tools have 2342 durability and are 75% faster than diamond

Dragon Tools Mod

Dragon Tools is really a mod that provides a sweet new selection of equipment and armour manufactured from ender metal. The mod provides a couple new products and blocks, in addition to a new ore which just generates in the property of the dragonThe Finish.

Dragon equipment possess 2342 durability and so are 75% quicker than diamond equipment and are as effective as gold equipment/armor when enchanting. They're produced out of a particular metal known as Ender Ingots, which are created by smelting an Unrefined Ender Ingot in a furnace.


All the items which this mod will increase Minecraft.

Dragon Tools Mod

From still left to correct Dragonstone, Unrefined Ender Ingot, Ender Ingot, Dragon Sword, Dragon Pickaxe, Dragon Shovel, Dragon Axe, Dragon Hoe, Dragon Helmet, Dragon Entire body, Dragon Legs, Dragon Footwear. The wall that frames are usually on is constructed of Blocks of Ender (natural) and Dragonstone (purple).

Dragon Armour

Dragon Tools Mod

Dragonstone Ore

Dragon Tools Mod

These veins are located anywhere in THE FINISH, be it at first glance, or underground. Be cautious excavating in this disastrous location. Be sure to maintain the dragon from these ores, as he'll destroy them upon influence, unlike End Rock and Obsidian.

Dragon Tools Mod

As you can plainly see, they drop Dragonstone instantly, so theres you don't need to smelt the ore.

Tested recipes:

Unrefined Ender Ingot

Dragon Tools Mod

They are the rough types of an Ender Ingot, prior to the materials are correctly smelted into an alloy. The usage of the crafting desk is merely to create a cellular clump of metallic out of the components utilized. Refine it to get an

Ender Ingot

Dragon Tools Mod

This mystical metal can be used in the forging of all Dragon Equipment and Armour.

Dragon Tools Mod

As you can plainly see, the crafting quality recipes for several of the tools will be the identical to vanilla, however, a wood handle is as well fragile to support the pounds of the metal, therefore a stronger steel is necessary. Blaze Rods are employed instead of sticks in every of the tested recipes.

Dragon Tools Mod

Armors also utilize the same dishes as vanilla. No Blaze Rods or other components must make armor. They just require ingots.

Dragon Bow runs on the very costly recipe as its solid.

Dragon Arrows uses almost exactly the same recipe as vanilla arrows will, aside from the rod and ingot.

For the Featherless Dragon Arrow simply place a feather under it in the crafting grid.

Dragon Tools Mod

Dragon Tools Mod

Both Dragonstone and Ender Ingots could be welded into Blocks of Dragonstone and Ender respectively. These blocks could be placed any place in the crafting grid to find the materials back.

So, because you can have noticed, the various tools and armour are usually finish game material and instead costly, but if you believe that defeating the Ender Dragon doesnt yield sufficient of a reward, this is actually the mod for you personally.

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Dragon Equipment Mod
  • Put Dragon Tools Mod zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it.
  • Done



  • Up-to-date to at least one 1.5.1

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For 1.5


For Minecraft 1.4.7



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