This mod introduces twenty-three new buckets in three distinct types. The types are big buckets, flimsy buckets, and special buckets. Big Buckets The big buckets hold more than your vanilla iron bucket, but the materials used to craft them are harder to obtain. They are the obsidian bucket, which holds three lava or water source

Diamond Buckets+ Mod

This mod introduces twenty-three brand-new buckets in three distinctive types. The forms are large buckets , flimsy buckets , and unique buckets .

Huge Buckets

The huge buckets hold a lot more than your vanilla iron bucket, however the components utilized to craft them are usually harder to obtain. They're the obsidian bucket , which retains three lava or drinking water supply blocks, the gold bucket , which keeps four, the emerald bucket and quartz bucket , which keep five, the gemstone bucket , which retains six, and the ender bucket , which keeps eight. If additional mods are set up which bring in copper, tin, bronze, metal or silver ores, or rubber , buckets of these sorts are added which keep one, one, three, or three resource blocks respectively. Most of these buckets can hold drinking water, lava, milk, and mod liquids (notice below for particular liquids backed).

Flimsy Buckets

The next type, flimsy buckets, contain wood, cobblestone, and smoothstone buckets . They are simpler to craft, but just last a short while with liquid inside them. Careful with them towards the finish of their life, specifically with lava, because they will spill. Clay buckets differ somewhat from those three for the reason that there will be no time period limit on them, however they can only just place and grab 20 periods before they split. They must also end up being fired in a furnace before they may be used.

Specific Buckets

The specific buckets each have unique special features. Two of these store items which arent liquids. The infernal bucket retains thirty uses which are usually filled with water for a price of six fees per source block. Nevertheless, once you place a drinking water, it places fire rather. It also offers you a short-performing fire opposition effect in the event that you right click on it into the atmosphere. The explosive bucket will help you to defuse and store around 32 reside TNT for later make use of. The benefit of this, aside from the obvious benefit of preventing explosions, will be that when you location down the kept TNT it is immediately ignited by the bucket, which means you dont possess to carry around a lot of levers.

Three of the special buckets ingest liquids but perform exclusive functions rather than storing anything. The shimmering bucket consumes lava. Rather of filling, the lava is changed through some demonic strength into some encounter. Spooky. The icy bucket turns drinking water into ice and lava into two bits of obsidian. The dark hole bucket will utterly annihilate through galactic gravitational stress almost anything you correct click that's not solid. To be able of reducing usefulness this consists of those pesky lava equipment that never appear to go away and soon you place a prevent in them, lava supply blocks, water, snow (however, not snow blocks), blossoms, grass, ferns, nether portals, fire, redstone, tripwires, tripwire string, and rails.

Both final particular buckets are employed on creatures. The slimy bucket and magma cube bucket scoops just a little little bit of a slime or magma cube into your stock, making it a slime golf ball or magma lotion. They require time to relax, though, so that you can only do that once per creature every 3 minutes.

The ender bucket also offers a special function: it is possible to hyperlink it to any device with a container (default: left click on). This connected ender bucket will drain from and fill up that tank rather than the bucket.

Miscellaneous Ideas

It is possible to craft obsidian with large buckets. To put it simply a lava and drinking water bucket in your crafting region and gather your obsidian.

You can push a bucket to empty in the event that you keep down sneak (default key: shift) and correct click. That is handy if, for instance, you need to empty out a drinking water bucket so that you can place lava inside it. That is necessary because absolutely nothing may happen if you try to grab a liquid as well as your bucket is filled with that liquid.

Many buckets have convenient tooltips letting you know how full they're or just how much longer they'll last. It is possible to read assist about each bucket by keeping sneak while hovering over them.

You may use big buckets filled up with lava in furnaces. They'll last a long time! A stuffed ender lava bucket can last eight times lengthier than an iron lava bucket, or 8000 secs, which is a lot more than two hours.

If youre in creative setting, flimsy buckets consider no damage and huge buckets dont empty out.

Tested recipes:

Mod Ores: Tin, Copper, Bronze, Metal, Silver and Rubberized


Keep sneak for assist on any bucket

Hyperlink Ender Buckets to any container

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Gemstone Buckets+ Mod
  • Put zip document into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Usually do not unzip it. In the event that you dont possess a mods folder, generate it
  • Done



  • Up-to-date to Minecraft 1.62
  • Added quantity of liquid in container to connected ender bucket mouseover

For Minecraft 1.6.2



For Minecraft 1.5.2



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