After extensive research into the properties of the endermen, scientists have created a technique of capturing and transferring the creeper essence.  You can craft our Creeper Gauntlets (patent pending) at any local crafting table, with these you can absorb a creeper, and the glove will keep it contained. You can the release this essence to be

Creeper Gauntlet Mod

After substantial research into the attributes of the endermen, researchers have created a method of capturing and transferring the creeper essence.��You can craft our Creeper Gauntlets (patent pending) at any nearby crafting table, with one of these it is possible to absorb a creeper, and the glove could keep it contained. It is possible to the discharge this essence to end up being absorbed by another mob, producing a creeper-like explosion. The Creeper Gauntlet (patent pending) can alter the creeper essence in order that no products are usually destroyed in the explosion. This gives the opportunity to quickly split creatures to their component components, which previous not possible to accomplish before their red physique faded away.

Warnings: Creeper essences are volatile, attempting to combine them can lead to an instantaneous, devastating explosion.

Iron Golems metal casing works as a pressurizer, leading to a much bigger explosion than regular. Creeper Gauntlet is not examined on all creatures, strange unwanted effects may occur


Creeper Gauntlet Mod

Tested recipes:

The creeper could be crafted using 5 ender eyes and 1 gunpowder, any citizen of minecraft must have the ability to craft some.

Set up:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download zip file
  • Put Creeper Gauntlet Mod jar document in to the .minecraft/mods folder
  • Done




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