What is Crafting Suite?Contents:Mod Spotlight:Download Links What is Crafting Suite? Crafting Suite is a follow up on Project Bench Mod. It brings back the Project Bench, but also expands upon the original idea of it. Now the player will be able to have a more personalized experience with the benches in their world, both functionally

Crafting Suite Mod

What's Crafting Suite?

Crafting Suite is really a follow up on Task Bench Mod. It brings back again the Task Bench, but additionally expands upon the initial notion of it. Now the ball player can have a far more personalized encounter with the benches within their globe, both functionally and aesthetically. Youll get access to a lot of things, from crafting benches that may store their inventory instead of fall it, and benches which will have additional space for storage they can craft from.


The Modification Desk:

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The Modification Table may be the root of the whole mod at this time. It's the one stop look for developing and upgrading your benches to meet up the variable requirements you have. Apart from some elegant rendering, it will require and combine your parts in to the finalized bench. For the present time, it only has dishes for the initial Project Bench, but even more should come.
Utilizing the Modification Table

Its basic make use of is this:

  • Location either an currently constructed bench to update, or the original modifier for the sort of bench you want to create in the initial slot. This is often idea of as the bottom item on which you'll build. This component is required.
  • Beneath the Modifier section, it is possible to place 1 of 2 types of products, either planks, which decide the looks of the bench (partially) or perhaps a equipment modifier (if upgrading a pre present bench). Nifty notice: any plank that's correctly registered with Forge will continue to work in here, so colours galore! You will notice examples of a small number of forestry planks.
  • Lastly, in the Aesthetics area you can, around this writing, place a couple of of two forms of items. Most significantly, you can place carpeting, which defines the very best most colour of the bench plus a part of its sides. You can find 15 colors to select from, so simply choose any carpet colour you wish! Next you could also choose to put in a block of clay. Including clay will change the table in order that there exists a render above it displaying the existing crafting recipe result. (Why clay? I believe of moulding).

Once you choose the modifiers to include and are prepared to craft, you might want to hold change on the Craft key to notice what the table will eat in its recipe.Now you might click on craft and the desk will get to focus on crafting, it takes in relation to 10 seconds to craft. During this time period you might gaze fondly at the render in the bench, or have a step back again from the table watching as your brand-new bench rises triumphantly from the desk. Or simply space out rather than enjoy those features that i put hard work into.

Any time there exists a legitimate recipe in the Modification Desk it'll show in the proper hand part of the GUI what the ultimate product can look like. Remember that some modifiers haven't any influence on the render shown on the proper (for instance the various tools Modifier, or clay).
Hold shift on the Craft switch to start to see the recipe its making use of
.- Extraneous items within the stock may hinder your crafting ability.
You wont have the ability to craft another bench when there is a result nevertheless in the slot that differs from the brand new recipe.

The Task Bench

Present Spoiler

Pretty colorsNote these task benches all possess the clay modifier, enabling the render atop. Furthermore pictured here are the things that Ill reach later.
The entire recipe for the Project Bench, and something step more for the various tools Modifier:

The Task Bench walks and talks similar to the old one, nonetheless it thinks very differently. For the unaware, the essential concept is that you location a recipe in the 3�3 crafting matrix and upon crafting, it attempts to draw from the below connected 18 slots as opposed to the crafting grid itself. Very useful really.Alongside that, there exists a visible button left of the matrix. Clicking on this key will empty the contents of the crafting matrix in to the provide matrix.Whats that icon close to the center of the matrix? Should be a visible artifact. Definitely not another strategy .
Hold change while hovering over a Task Bench (or any bench for example) in your stock to discover what modifiers already are on the bench.

Modded Crafting Desk:

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Crafted in the Modification Table, it is a simpler edition of the Task bench, but more complex compared to the vanilla Crafting Desk.

  • It will keep in its crafting grid, instead of drop them, once the participant closes the GUI.
  • It accepts a few of the more basic Modifiers (presently only the Deeply Slot modifier).
  • It accepts the Clay (for render) upgrade, but will not currently support fabric upgrades.
  • Accepts various kinds of wood to improve its appearance (efficiency remains exactly the same).

To craft it, take action such as this in the Modification Desk:


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Remember that this will be an early on version of the entire realization of the mod. Strategy Modifier

Upgrading a Task Bench (only 1 that has usage of this modifier during this writing) along with the Program Modifier allows the usage of plans along with the bench. If youre at all acquainted with the old Reddish Strength 2 implementation of programs, its simply the same. Or even, youre in for a delicacy.

With plans, it is possible to location a recipe in the bench, fall in a blank intend to the program slot (the main one with the extravagant background) and compose the program , with the switch to left (appears vaguely such as a blank program). Once written, that strategy will remember the recipe you wrote to it. As you can plainly see above, a piston program was created to it. It'll now arrive as Piston Plan instead of Blank Plan.

Putting that now composed plan in to the slot will help you to craft that recipe without actually placing the items in to the crafting area, it'll pull straight from the supply region. Fantastic.

Plans will try to use any kind of product from the OreDictionary, if relevant.
Notice below for the quality recipes for programs and the modifier.
This supports NEI change clicking of the issue mark, nonetheless it has special behavior. For those who have all the components AND an idea for that product in your, or the benchs stock, it'll transfer the plan straight into the program slot and the components in to the supply area instead of into the crafting region.

Recipe in Modification Desk:

Example (Images):

Step one 1: Write the recipe to the program.

Recipe is currently bound to the program

Step two 2: Very clear the crafting region, you can view the ghosted products in the bench

Step 4: Benefit from the simplified crafting of these annoying repetitive tested recipes.

Heavy Slot Modifier

The Strong Slot Modifier installs a particular slot aside of the stock. This slot will keep 6x the max stack dimension of the item positioned in it. This implies, for your average product itll be 384 products. Great for the bench that requires a seemingly endless way to obtain one product or another.

Recipe In Modification Desk:

The crafting region will pull out of this slot as opposed to the crafting grid or the provide matrix (if applicable). It's the preferred way to obtain items (after extra in the crafting grid).
You cant shift click on using this slot, just connect to it as regular.
It's rather a tiny little bit temperamental every once in awhile. Just give it an excellent furious clicking on if its misbehaving. Generally resolves itself.

Equipment Modifier

THE VARIOUS TOOLS Modifier is really a modifier that provides yet another several slots for equipment to be positioned alongside the normal stock of the bench. It really is currently just implemented in the Task Bench, nonetheless it will be designed for all benches at another time.

Products can only be put into these three slots should they seem to be tools, as in that can take damage. Make use of right click on to put them in to the slot. As soon as in the slot, the could be accessed rapidly to be put into the matrix (keep in mind, RIGHT Click on to access that). Left clicking on on that as soon as in the slot will activate that product. Once activated, that will be automatically put into the crafting matrix (its rendered in the matrix nevertheless, you cannot connect to it there).

As a result, if there is an instrument selected nevertheless, you place the things for a crafting bench in, it wont function because the tool is known as to end up being within the matrix. Simply remaining click once again to deselect the device.A good example, all you have to accomplish is put, say the Copper Plate (IC2) in the matrix, and click on the Hammer (IC2 again) and it'll automatically add the Hammer and the correct crafting recipe will undoubtedly be displayed.

-Shift clicking an instrument will automatically stick it in the Tool slot machine games on the still left.
-A selector can look around the currently decided on tool
-Note elegant pants rendering along with the table.

Mod Spotlight:

Crafting Tested recipes:

Recommend that you need to install SUFFICIENT Products (for mods making use of Forge) or Roughly Good enough Products (for mods using Material ) to see the full recipes one of them mod

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Modification Desk:

Strategy Recipe:

Crafting Modifier:

Keeping Modifier:

Keeping Modifier:

Program Modifier:

Heavy Slot Modifier:

Equipment Modifier:

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.



  • NEI Use and Recipe assistance
  • Occasional crash fix
  • Ore Dictionary misuse repair
  • Tooltip tweaked to always screen modifiers on a bench




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