It is a mod that adds several commands to the game, works only in single player, they range from being cheats, to useful tools for map makers. The goal is to have the result of each command to be visible, and played without having the mod installed List of commands Note : = optional

Commander Mod

This is a mod that adds many commands to the overall game, works just in single participant, they range between being cheats, to helpful tools for map manufacturers. The target is to have the consequence of each order to be noticeable, and played with no the mod installed

Commander Mod

Set of commands

Take note : = optional
= needed.
(command) = command alias
natural = tab completion on commands argument

  • /clearchat (cls): clears the chat and a clean background of commands.
  • /craft : Opens up the crafting gui
  • /defuse : gets rid of any primed tnts in your community
  • /duplicate (dup) :��duplicates that any given quantity, no argument: just 1 duplication
  • /ench (electronic) : enchants the equipped product with any enchantment, with degree from 1 127. If name = list, set of all enchantments turns up.
  • /enchrem (er) : gets rid of enchantment of equipped product.
  • /enderchest (echest) : Access you enderchest stock
  • /explode (boom) : creates explosion at gamers place. If no argument, power defaults to 4.
  • /gm : switches between survival and innovative. If gamer on survival, pieces to innovative and vice-versa.
  • /goto : Teleports the ball player to confirmed waypoint established by the /setpos control, if no argument, exhibits a listing of all waypoints on earth
  • /heal ��(h): heals the ball player by the provided number of fifty percent hearts, if no argument, heals totally
  • /food cravings (f) : sets the food cravings to the given foods level, if argument will be min, sets to at least one 1 food degree, if��max units to 20, if no argument, sets to 20.
  • /killmobs : kills all of the mobs in your community
  • /killdrops: kills all of the item drops in your community
  • /lightning (smite): Summons lightning where you stage
  • /makestack (ms) : makes non-stackable or non 64 stackable products stack to the provided quantity, if no argument, stacks to 64.
  • /mobspawner (mos) : generates a mob spawner where in fact the participant is usually pointing at with provided entity. if entity = list, turns up a listing of spawnable entities.
  • /namehead : Helps make the head block present the given users mind based on his epidermis.
  • /platform : Areas a block at the gamers feet with the provided blockid:datavalue, if no argument, defaults to cup.
  • /potionfx (pfx) : Provides an impact to a potion with the provided effectname, amplifier, and duration (in secs). if effectname = list, turns up a listing of all possible results.
  • /potionfxrem (pfxr) : gets rid of an impact to a potion with the provided potion effect.
  • /rename : Renames something with the given title (may contain areas)
  • /fix : Repairs something with the given worth.
  • /setpos (set) : Models a waypoint at the gamers position and provides it a title waypoints are employed by the goto order.
  • /showinfo : toggles the FPS, Coordinates and lighting level at the very top still left of the display screen, biome at the top right
  • /superinv : Opens up a double upper body size extra inventory room

Set up:

  • Move this content of the archive to your minecraft.jar (I would recommend you create a backup of it), delete the META-INF folder, if it exists
  • And you also are all set. You can also set it up with MagicLauncher



  • Up-to-date for 1.5.1
  • Modified /ench command, gives enchanted publication with specified enchantment or even item held

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For 1.4.7/1.4.6


For Minecraft 1.4.5



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