Download Links for ClothingCraft Mod: ClothingCraft Mod allows you to make customized, colored clothing that looks realistic and is a great new addition to your Minecraft world/server. Have you ever wanted a more realistic Minecraft world? Or do you want something to do and something that you can customize? This mod aims to solve that

ClothingCraft Mod enables you to make personalized, colored clothes that looks reasonable and is a superb recent addition to your Minecraft entire world/server.

Maybe you have wanted a far more realistic Minecraft globe? Or would you like something to do then one that you could customize? This mod aims to resolve that problem with the addition of fully customizable clothing.

ClothingCraft Mod

Clothing Details:

You've got a large amount of clothing combos available for you. To begin, you can create your own shirt. It could either possess dots or stripes for decoration. Your clothing may also have a foundation colour, a decoration (trim) colour, and a sleeve colour. Pants can only just have one colour, but shoes might have two (one for the very best and something for the soles).

You can find 22 various kinds of material in this mod. Material is an product that is necessary to making clothes and is used for each clothing article achievable.

ClothingCraft Mod Screenshots:

ClothingCraft Mod

ClothingCraft Mod Showcase:

Crafting Tested recipes:

Recommend that you need to install SUFFICIENT Products (for mods making use of Forge) or Roughly Good enough Products (for mods using Material ) to see the full recipes one of them mod


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Fabric comes from wool and contains many colors (as mentioned above). To create some white material, put two white bits of wool in the crafting grid to obtain 4 white material. You may use vanilla dyes or blend fabrics to find the desired color.

Fabric Guideline

Black Material

White Material + Ink Sac

Dark Gray Material

Gray Material + Black Material

Gray Material

White Material + Gray Dye
White Fabric + Black Material

Light Gray Material
White Fabric + Lighting Gray Dye
White Fabric + Gray Material

Yellow Material

White Material + Dandelion Yellow

Bright Yellow Material

Yellow Material + White Material

Mustard Yellow Material

Yellow Material + Orange Material

Orange Material

White Material + Orange Dye
Yellow Fabric + Red Material

Red Material

White Material + Rose Crimson

Pink Material

White Material + Pink Dye

Dark Pink Material

Pink Material + Gray Material

Blue Material

White Material + Lapis Lazuli

Light Blue Material

White Material + Light Glowing blue Dye
White Fabric + Blue Material

Dark Blue Material

Blue Material + Dark Gray Material

Turquoise Material

Blue Material + Yellow Material

Violet Material

White Material + Purple Dye

Purple Material

Violet Material + Light Gray Material

Royal Violet Material

Purple Material + Dark Gray Material

Brown Material

White Material + Cocoa Coffee beans

Beige Material

Brown Material + Light Gray Material

Dark Beige Material

Beige Material + Light Gray Material

Crimson Material

Pink Material + Red Material

T shirts:

Display Spoiler

To make a t-shirt you will have to create the sleeves. To create 2 sleeves, you will have to put the next in the crafting grid:

From then on, choose:

  • Exactly what will your base colour be?
  • Exactly what will your trim colour be?
  • What style do you want to make use of (stripes or dots)?
  • Utilize the crafting desk. A = b a se colour, T = t rim colour, and B = a b utton.

    If you would like stripes then make use of:

    If you would like dots then make use of:

    Today you earn your shirt bottom!

    Blend the bottom and sleeves jointly in the crafting grid like therefore:

    S = Sleeves

    B = Bottom

    This could be completed on any row.

    Congratulations! You have created your very first shirt!

    If you would like pictures then right here you go!

    Present Spoiler

    Craft material by placing wool in the crafting grid.

    Make use of vanilla dyes to improve the colour of the material.

    It is possible to combine two materials to obtain a new color.

    To make a shirt, youll want some buttons.

    Then, craft the primary little bit of your shirt. In this manner Im utilizing a striped shirt.

    For reasons uknown the sleeve crafting didnt upload. Here it really is anyways:

    F = material with your desired colour.

    Once you obtain your sleeves, it is possible to finalize your clothing.

    It is completely rendered on your own body!

    But wait around! Theres more! You can now make your jeans

    After that make your sneakers!

    In the end that, its time and energy to see how you appearance.

    ClothingCraft Mod How exactly to install:

    • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
    • Download the mod.
    • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
    • Drag and fall the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
    • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
    • Benefit from the mod.

    For Minecraft 1.7.10




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