About Christmas Mod:Video:Christmascraft Mod Download Links About Christmas Mod: Deck the halls, bundle up in your warm clothes, and prepare for a Minecraft holiday celebration! ChristmasCraft features a number of changes to help you get into the Christmas spirit: Colder biomes, meaning snow is all around! New items and recipes for delicious Christmas-time treats! A

Christmascraft Mod

Christmascraft Mod

About Xmas Mod:

Deck the halls, bundle up in your hot clothes, and plan a Minecraft vacation celebration! ChristmasCraft includes a number of adjustments to obtain into the Xmas spirit:

  • Colder biomes, meaning snow is throughout!
  • New products and recipes for tasty Christmas-period treats!
  • A Xmas Tree Stand which to grow your own Christmas tree!
  • Decorations, such as for example Xmas ornaments, wreaths, stockings, and redstone-powered Christmas lighting!
  • The opportunity to wrap up almost almost everything as a Christmas existing, and give it being an item or stick it just like a block!
  • A fresh semi-rare helpful mob, the Creeper Claus!
  • Santas helpers, the Ender Elves, are usually here to provide presents!
  • Perhaps even a trip from Santa himself??


Christmascraft Mod

Christmascraft Mod
Christmascraft Mod

Craft a Xmas Tree Stand, sprinkle some bonemeal at the top, and youll possess a festive vacation conifer very quickly! Include it with ornaments for an ideal Christmas showpiece!

Christmascraft Mod

Hang your stocking up prior to going to mattress! If youve been great, you will probably find that Santa provides visited while you had been asleep!

Christmascraft Mod

This Creeper Claus doesnt desire to harm you, it just wants you to benefit from the season! Hack apart at it also it might fall some tasty Xmas Spices, ideal for that seasonal recipe youve already been attempting to cook!

Christmascraft Mod

Santas helpers, the Ender Elves, can often be found preparing gifts! Their only principle: No Peeking!

Video clip:

Crafting Tested recipes:

Recommend that you need to install SUFFICIENT Products (for mods making use of Forge) or Roughly Good enough Products (for mods using Material ) to see the full recipes one of them mod

Christmas Tree Stand

A sturdy base which to grow your own conifer! Just set it down and sprinkle some bonemeal at the top!


Nothing says Im celebrating Christmas! such as a lush green circle of dead plants!

Christmas Stocking

Hang up the phone your stocking and hope that Santa visits when you sleep! No peeking!

Christmas Light

Decorate your home, your mineshaft, your trees! Hook it around redstone watching your electric bills skyrocket!

Christmas Ornament

Miniature glass balls in 5 fabulous colors! Hang them from your own Christmas tree, or any leafy material!

Decorative Star

No Christmas tree is complete lacking any elegant gold-plated star atop it!

Christmas Gift

Surprise a pal or enemy with a hand-picked item in a decorative paper wrapping! No refunds, exchanges, or re-gifting, please!

Note: Fill the guts slot with nearly every item to wrap it up! Unwrap it by placing the gift on a crafting table!

Candy Cane

Candy canes certainly are a fast and simple treat, but packed with sugar!

Chocolate Milk

Cool refreshing milk, and the richness of chocolate, yum yum!

Hot Cocoa

Heat up your chocolate milk to revive a lot more hunger!

Note: All the recipes below require Christmas Spices, which appear to be this:

Christmas Spices can be acquired by killing a Creeper Claus.

Gingerbread Cookie

Every one of the nutritional value of a normal cookie, with extra Christmas spirit!


A refreshing Christmas tradition, with a hint of nutmeg! Just dont drink an excessive amount of, or youll regret it!


Its a fruitcake.

How exactly to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download the mod.
  • Head to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file involved with it.
  • If one will not exist it is possible to create one.
  • Benefit from the mod.

Note: If you wish to run ChristmasCraft on a server, players will still have to install ChristmasCraft for connecting to your server!



  • Deluxe twinkling Christmas lights! Crafted exactly like other lights, but with glowstone rather than a dye!
  • Fancy ice skates that provide you a speed boost on ice (but slow on land)!

Also, the snowy weather and seasonal mobs are just available through the month of December (if you don't change the setting in ChristmasCraft.cfg)! From then on, biomes will go back to normal and the snow will gradually melt.

For Minecraft 1.6.4

Download from Server 1 Download from Server 2 Download from Server 3 Download from Server 4

Other Versions:

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For 1.4.7/1.4.6




For Minecraft 1.4.5





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