This mod features new NPCs that will aid you against monsters. Screenshots: Archer The Archer is stationary and will not move. They shoot arrows. (obviously) Will attack Monsters within range. Ideal for putting on high places. (Like a wall or a small tower.) Will not despawn. Knight Will move around. The Knight have a good

Castle Defenders Mod

This mod features new NPCs to help you against monsters.

Castle Defenders Mod



  • The Archer is stationary and can not move.
  • They shoot arrows. (certainly)
  • Will strike Monsters within variety.
  • Ideal for gaining high places. (Such as a wall or a little tower.)
  • Won't despawn.


  • Will maneuver around.
  • The Knight have adequate health.
  • Knights assault Mosters on View.


  • The Merc no more includes a recipe, now you must employ him in a mercenary posting that exist all over the world
  • Will stand nevertheless on the Mercenary article until you employ him.
  • Provide him a gold ingot and he'll fight for you personally.
  • Right click to inform him to remain and wait.
  • They'll not despawn if employed.
  • Strike monsters on view.
  • Mercenarys possess two textures. One if they are told to hold back and one if they are following player.

Adhering to Mercenary:

Mercenary write-up in the wilds:

The mage could be spawned for those who have a medallion and an enemy mage spawner.
They'll set your enemys burning plus they have a chanse to strike them with lightning.

The recipe:

The Medallion

The Medallion can be an product discovered inside enemy castles. There only use would be to create your defender NPC stick to you. (Like animals adhering to wheat)

Enemy Castles

  • Enemy castles is generated on earth. These castles contains upper body to purchase varius items. They're however seriously defended. TNT is an excellent way of get them.You can find two castle types one having an extra tower.(Nothing at all specific there yet)
  • In the center of the castle there's an ememy knight spawner and the wall space are filled up with enemy archer spawners. The Enemy archerspawner appears like a darkish cobblestone block. The knight spawner appear to be a red stay.

Tested recipes:

You focus on creating a block for the mobs to spawn on. Such as this:

Bow = Archer Block
Sword = Knight Block

Set up:


  • 1. It will always be good to back-up minecraft before instaling a fresh mod.
  • 2. Install the most recent Minecraft Forge
  • 3. Proceed the CastleDef folder from the CastleDefese.rar to bin/mincraft.jar. Make use of Winrar to open up minecraft.jar.
  • 4. Have fun with


  • 1. Stick to the guidelines above.
  • 2. Install Minecraft Forge in to the mincraft_server.jar
  • 3. Shift the CastleDef folder from the CastleDefese.rar to mincraft_jar.
  • 4. Operate the server.

Note: Participant who sign up for the server have to have Castle Defenders set up on your client. The minecraft.jar is situated at C:\Customers\Username\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin

How exactly to modification Block ID and Castle SpawnRate:

  • 1. Head to .minecraft\config
  • 2. Discover Castle Defenders.cfg and open up it with notepad.
  • 3.Edit the document. (Remeber: block IDs are usually from 1-255)
  • If you would like even more castles: Provide it a lower quantity.
  • If you would like less castles: Provide it a higher amount.



  • Endure a medalion to really get your Defenders to check out you. (Within enemy castles)
  • Some adjustments for health insurance and attackstrenght for some mobs.
  • The enemy Defenders now strike your defenders on view.
  • Set the mages
  • Mercs are usually avalible again.
  • Additional config file. Check directions below.

For Minecraft 1.5.2




For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.4.7




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